Chinese Film Director Could Pay Fine For Extra Children

Here in the U.S., having far too many children is the hallmark of the Hollywood elite—they can’t adopt the little red carpet accessories fast enough. But over in China, where not a few of these adoptees come from, there’s a price to be paid for excess reproduction, and I don’t mean in that struggling-teen-mom way: acclaimed film director Zhang Yimou is facing a fine of up to $27 million for allegedly fathering seven offspring.

The penalty handed down from family planning officials for violating the country’s one-child policy is not typically so severe as all that, but Mr. Zhang, who directed the films Hero and Flowers of War, would seem at the mercy of his comfortable income. Zhang also orchestrated the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, which you may recall was marred by a different child-based scandal:

The investigation into this new matter, however, is ongoing, and sparked in large part by Internet gossip—which has always been the most reliable source of objective truth. Yes. Nothing but the facts over here. One hundred percent…not made up.  
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