Model Tiiu Kuik Brings “The Nagel Woman” to Seductive, Streamlined Life

If Tiiu Kuik wasn’t one of the world’s top models, she’d be a veterinarian. Or a fashion designer. Or a writer. “But then I would have missed out on all my amazing travels,” says the 24-year-old, 6-foot-1 Estonian bombshell. With a sophisticated beauty punctuated by a Cindy Crawford mole, Kuik was noticed at 13 years old, when she was scouted at a local supermarket. Runways in Japan and Italy followed, and she admits that for a while, it wasn’t easy. “For me, 13 was too young,” Kuik says. “I have no regrets, but it seriously took me until I was about 18 to become comfortable with the job and to become somewhat decent at it.”

Since then, this former face of CoverGirl has walked for over fifty designers, including Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Prada, and has been featured in campaigns for Dior, Valentino, and Moschino. A darling in fashion circles, Kuik acknowledges that the nature of stardom in the industry has changed. “The most noticeable difference is the emergence of movie stars and celebrities as fashion and beauty ambassadors. They grace magazine covers more than models do nowadays. The supermodels are pretty much extinct now—to become one you’d need to date a celebrity or film a movie. It’s not enough to just model anymore.”

Photography by Sara Silver
Styling by Justin Min

Calls of the Wild

Bold strokes of color, inspired by tropical fish and jungle beasts, are the summer’s hottest trends. Here, BlackBook‘s Beauty Editor Walter Obal shows you how to achieve these stunning looks at home. 




Tropical fish boast iridescent scales as a defense mechanism to dazzle and confuse predators. Humans, however, can use glitter to attract their prey.
Line and fill in entire lip with Sephora Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencil in Fuschia Fever. Add texture and shine by applying Make Up For Ever Glitter #3.



Many species seek shelter by blending into their surroundings. A simple coral coloring is discrete but gives the skin a healthy dewy look.
Using NYX orange cream blush, gently smooth the product on your cheeks, lips, and lids with your finger.




Scarlet macaws, the inspiration for this look, use their colorful plumage to attract mates. But the appeal cuts across species.
To create this prism effect on the eyes, use Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream, Water Proof Cream Color in 20 (blue), 22 (green), 11 (yellow), 8 (red). 

Check out video of these looks in action!

Photography by Sarah Silver

Video Exclusive: Jaime King’s Luscious Looks in Leger

Jaime King showed off her luscious lips for our Beauty Junkie column, in which our Contibuting Beauty Director Walter Obal detailed how to get those gorgeous looks with a combination of lipsticks and liners. While the lovely King is used to sitting still for the camera, we couldn’t let the actress lay totally stationary. In a short film by photographer Sarah Silver, Ms. King jumps off the pages and shows that her versatility isn’t limited to her lips. Check out the video after the jump! 

BlackBook Backstage: Beauty Tips For NYFW Looks

Richard Chai Love
Inspiration: “Lightness”

Makeup: Using a MAC Cosmetics liner (in Dirty Blonde), James Kaliardos created a ’60s-inspired “floating contour” that outlined slightly above the lash line. The rest of the face was paled out and kept nude with MAC’s lip conditioner and lip concealer (in Dim).

Hair: Kevin Ryan of Aveda parted the hair in two sharp angles and sleeked it back into a low ponytail. To achieve this shiny, “sporty” look, he used gel and finished with plant-derived hair oil.

Nails: For a subtle shimmer effect, Julep’s lead nail stylist Jane Park used a liquid gold polish with a matte top coat (in Sienna). 


Creatures of the Wind – Shane Gabier and Chris Peter
Inspiration: “1960s culture”

Makeup: Nars’ Global Director of Artistry James Boehmer combined a velvet matte lip pencil (in Damned) and lipstick (in Fire Down Below) for the cranberry eye shadow effect, then lined the lower lashes with a silver shadow (in Factory Girl) and thick silver liner (from the Andy Warhol collection).

Hair: Odile Gilbert of Kérastase Paris used an origami-inspired folding technique to keep the models’ sleek, straight hair short. Stylists then completed the look with 60s-inspired hairnets.

Nails: Essie’s lead nail tech Ana-Maria kept things simple with two coats of a solid rose beige polish (in Topless and Barefoot).


Honor – Giovanna Randall
Inspiration: “Anatomy”

Makeup: For a natural look, Romy Soleimani, with Stila for, hydrated using Erno Laszlo’s Light Controlling Lotion, followed by Stila’s Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer. She then mixed a white eye shadow (in Opal) with Erno Laszlo’s Luminous Eye Complex, curled the lashes, and added the Glamoureyes mascara. A touch of lip gloss (in Banana), custom blush, and shimmer powder (in Kitten) finished the look.

Hair: Using Bumble and Bumble’s Thickening Hairspray and Surf Spray to set a base, James Pecis styled two French braids tightly against the head (representing “muscles and filaments”), which he gathered and wrapped naturally at the nape of the neck. Rhinestone pins were then tucked into the back of the braid.

Nails: “The makeup was natural with some highlighting, but we didn’t want shimmer on the nail,” said Deborah Lippmann, who useda white-on-white combination (two coats of Amazing Grace and one coat of Like A Virgin), topped by a new polish (launching in the spring) that has the same high-shine effect as a gel manicure.  


Collages by Maggie Duffy/Images courtesy of and

Actress and Model Jaime King Uses Her Lips to Make a Strong Impression

Jaime King is used to radical change. When she was a scant 14 years old, King was whisked from the cornfields of Nebraska to the apex of modelhood, driven by the pressure and temptation of the industry into an adolescent drug addiction—hers was the face of heroin chic—and then flamed out. Now in her early thirties, King has re-emerged as a leading actor. Her series Hart of Dixie is on the CW, and her directorial debut, a thriller called Polar Seasons, is due out soon. “I definitely feel like I’ve lived two lives,” says King. But in all her iterations, her lips—pursed, parted, perfect—have followed her. The key is to deploy your resources wisely. “By filling in the entire lip with lip liner, one adds depth and complexity of color.” Pairing two shades—one under, one over—gives options. Looks can be matte or glossy, monotone or diaphonous. But on King, they’re always just right.

Check out the gallery below for details on how to get Jaime’s looks, and stay tuned for our exclusive video of the shoot!

We Need To Clear Up Something About Chest Hair

Last night I was hanging out and reminiscing with some old college friends when bam, out came a photo of me as a freshman, in the first weeks of school—all of ten years ago at this point. Naturally, I was shirtless, and that was what caused my buddy to turn to me in awe. “Look how hairless you are!” he exclaimed, indicating the baldness of my chest as compared to the thicket of fur that currently blankets that same space. Yes, I had become a man in the interim.

I don’t think I’d want to go back to having just a few sprigs of chest hair. I’m much warmer in the winter, for one. Plus, at least in my experience, it feels like most women prefer a full carpet. If my pieced-together knowledge of the 1970s is at all correct, and contemporary photos of Burt Reynolds are any indication, chest hair was once even publicly prized and adored. So why does it seem like you can’t be a Hollywood hunk anymore without a baby-smooth torso that looks like it was molded from plastic?
Don’t be coy: you know exactly what I’m talking about. Whether it’s Brad Pitt in Fight Club or Ryan Gosling in whatever he was just in, producers just don’t trust you to see all those pecs and abs under a thatch of body hair or, god forbid, a happy trail. I can only imagine what kind of horrid waxing/shaving/ electrolysis routines these poor actors have to submit to. And for what? So we can promote an evolutionarily disadvantageous fashion that it feels like only a creepy bodybuilder would be into? For shame, America. I want to live in a country where I take my shirt off at the beach with confidence—at least until my back hair starts coming in.

Beauty Junkie: Make a Splash With Dramatic Eyes and Lips

Take an emotional splash with model Katharina Rembi as she features a bold classic look. A graphic eyeliner paired with a dramatic lip will turn heads anywhere. Check out our exclusive video of Rembi, and recreate the looks using the step-by-step instructions below. 






BlackBook Video: Watery Bliss


Use Sephora Retractable Brow Pencil- waterproof to create a full and defined brow.

Create a graphic line on the upper lash line with Sephora Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner.

Finish the eye with two coats of Sephora Le Waterproof Mascara.


Define and fill in lips with Sephora retractable waterproof lip liner in 07 Plum- Reddish Violet.

Finish with Sephora Classic Bright Red-04


Sephora 43 It Girl- Deep Red




Directed by Sarah Silver

Featuring Katharina Rembi

Creative Director Walter Obal

Director of Photography Angel Marin

Edited by Dary Chaparro

Gaffers Ryan Benyi, Wayne McElroy

Makeup Walter Obal

Hair Cecelia Romero

Styling Lauri Eisenberg

Manicurist Gina Edwards

Set Designer Jared Lawton

Music Chromatics "I Want Your Love"

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Does Reiki Work? Discover NYC’s Alternative Way To De-Stress

"Anxiety, anger, heartbreak," says reiki master Gianantonio Corna. "These are the top reasons New Yorkers come to me." 

As New York’s leading reiki master at his Reiki Vitae studio, Gianantonio taps into what he calls "the universal wifi" – that vital energy around us – transferring this energy to his 100+ clients with the slight touch of his hands. The technique: reiki,  a 90-year-old Japanese practice known to cure such physical ailments as headaches, back pain, and digestive problems with its supposed ability to detoxify the body and mind. 

"Imagine your desktop screen, full of all these folders you don’t look at anymore," Gianantonio says. "Through reiki, the energy scans your body and mind: clearing it, cleansing it, and releasing it from its usual patterns."

Known for his 5-star reviews and ebullient spirit, Gianantonio – who began his practice 13 years ago in his hometown of Italy – has watched reiki transform his NY clients in three sessions, and even as immediate as their first. Since seeing him, many of his clients have stopped taking Advil and other painkillers, and Gianantonio himself hasn’t taken any medication in over 10 years.

The practice is simple: through meditation, the reiki master channels energy through him, transferring it via the light placement of his hands on various stress points of the client’s body, and the client experiencing the results.

And results are what we’re after: actual physical healing, and that sense of peace and lightning of spirit that usually accompanies a far-too-expensive vacation away or a spa massage at its best

So when I walked into the Vitae studio to meet with Gianantonio, I entered with high expectations – and high skepticism too. Where does this energy come from? Can it even be transferred? How can my ailments be lessened by simply energy and not high doses of medication?

Within minutes, I found myself on the massage bed, being asked to "bring my attention to to the tip of the nose," all while sinking into the music of waves and seagulls overhead. 

And then slowly, after placing his hands lightly on the tip of my head, I felt a warm prickling sensation, like currents, across my body. Like someone had attached a charger to my back (very Matrix) and simply plugged me in.

The feeling stopped and started – mostly depending on my concentration: if I was focusing on my body, or my lunch order of either spicy tuna or miso soup. After the 60-minute session, I sat up and looked at Giantanonio in a nearly-cataonic state: completely blissed out in my world of seashells and sailboats and electric.

And that’s when the best part came: post-session, the reiki master sits down with you and tells you what he felt – what kind of energy he sensed upon your body (mine was "wind"), and the fairly-specific circumstances that could have caused the ailments, and how you can set out to cure them. 

I walked out with a customized list of foods to avoid or devour, and the simple instructions to spend time with good friends more  and stay active outside. Simple, right? It sounds even simpler and jollier in Gianantonio’s Italian accent.

And believe it or not – I really did feel a difference. After a good week of living this way, I actually went back and did another session, and since then the turnaround in my attitude and ailments keeps getting better – to the point where I’ve nearly forgotten what hurt at all.

Sure, sure, it could have been the effects of all the consecutive happy hours and taco dinners with my work buddies – or simply pure, clean energy at work. You decide.

Check out Reiki Vitae, & follow Bonnie on Twitter here

Hipsters Feel Effects Of Gentrification For The First Time

You wouldn’t necessarily know to look at it now, but Williamsburg was at one point a working-class, blue-collar neighborhood. Today, the odd Polish immigrant living there is an exception rather than the rule—most of them moved to Greenpoint, while hipsters flooded the area. But now even the freelance graphic designers are going to get priced out, as one one prospective deal makes plain: The White Castle on Metropolitan Ave may get bulldozed andreplaced with luxury condos.

It was inevitable, of course, that rich yuppies would realize that the best view of Manhattan can be got from across a river (and they’re certainly not moving to New Jersey, thank you). The result? A minor outcry from fairly privileged twentysomethings about exceedingly privileged thirty-and-fortysomethings taking away their beloved drive-through grease purveyor of legend in order to continue a second wave of gentrification. The first wave was fair game, of course.
What will happen to the local flavor, you ask, when all our gritty fast-food franchises are wiped off the map? Oh, you know, some artisanal tiny-soy-burger place will pop up nearby, with marginally better ingredients and vastly inflated prices, and life will go on much as before. Every once in a while you’ll feel a twinge of hunger for the food of the common man, those scummy onion rings of yore. Luckily, you’ll be living in East New York by then. Problem solved.