BlackBook Halloween Premiere: PIG’s New Fluxus Inspired Video For ‘Rock n Roll Refugee’




As a founding member of KMFDM, Raymond Watts has never wanted for industrial cred. And though he’s operated under the nom de guerre PIG (Pain Is God, to save you the guessing) since 1988, the two entities still share members and collab on various projects, likely owing to the relatively incestuous nature of the genre.

We are personally just as likely to be cranking either of them to zehn (that’s “ten” in German, by the way) in February as October. But acknowledging that most normal people patiently wait for Halloween season to unleash their darkest inclinations towards mayhem, we were nothing short of thrilled to undertake this premiere of the mind-bending new PIG video for “Rock n Roll Refugee.”



The track is a near-perfect encapsulation of the hallowed glam-metal-industrial tenets, with its wickedly grooved T-Rex riffing (thanks to Steve White on guitar), and its virtual manifesto of a chorus proudly declaring, “I love the smell of rock & roll / Burning holes inside my soul.” (So do we.) But the accompanying video takes it to even greater levels of pandemonium, with its hyper-sensory visual attack of exposure tricks and near panic-inducing flashes—extremely unsubtle nods to Fluxus artists Nam June Paik and George Maciunas.

“’Rock n Roll Refugee’ is my demon seed of glam and electronica,” says Watts, who is also known to the fashion world for scoring Alexander McQueen shows, “stirred to an apotheosis of ejaculating guitars and lamenting vocals. A song that’s loose enough for your vices and tight enough for your virtues.”

Trick or treat.


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