A Tribe Called Quest Pays Tribute to the Late Phife Dawg w/ New Apparel Collection

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When A Tribe Called Quest member Phife Dawg passed away at just 45 years of age in March of 2016, it bore echoes of the Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch’s death four years earlier – another legendary and tight-knit collective from the earlier days of hip-hop left stunned by the far-too-early loss of an indispensable member.

Yauch now has a park in Brooklyn named for him. And in another of what will surely be many more tributes to Phife, ATCQ have just released an exclusive capsule apparel collection in conjunction with Sony Music’s The Thread Shop.



In includes a black trucker cap, a white tee with an image from the 1991 Low End Theory photo shoot, and a striking Safety Green Hoodie bearing Phife’s name in black lettering (all limited edition). The collection is released today, November 20 – which happens to also be the late rapper’s birthday.

The Beasties, of course, called it quits immediately after the loss of Yauch in 2012. But Quest had carried on, releasing in 2016 their first new album – We Got it From Here…Thank You 4 Your Service – since 1998; killing it with a Phife tribute performance on SNL on November 12, 2016; and touring the album up until an emotional final show at the UK’s Bestival on September 10.




BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: New Animal Feelings Single ‘Falling’ / Deep Disco Mix

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We’ve been fans of musical Renaissance man Oli Chang since his debut High Highs album Open Season in 2013. Now living in Brooklyn, he remains one-half of the Aussie dreampoppers, while also cultivating his more dance oriented project Animal Feelings – which we first brought to your attention when we premiered the track “Chemical Love” in September of 2016.

The newest Animal Feelings single is the soulful “Falling (feat. Thief),” which was released just last month. Now BlackBook premieres this fab 37-minutes Deep Disco Mix, something to help you shake off all the gloom and negativity of our current socio-political climate…and give you a genuinely fabulous reason to be thankful this Thanksgiving week.

“These tracks are a mix of frivolous vibes mixed with journeys of shameless optimism,” Chang explains. “I hope that if you listen to this you’ll feel like everything’s going to be better than you expected it to be.”

It’s definitely working for us.


Animal Feelings tracklist
1. Chook Tribes – Animal Feelings
2. Rinse And Repet – Riton Ft. Kah-Lo
3. Way Back Home (Tiger & Woods Remix) – Ivar, Kraak & Smaak
4. R-Mancer (Roman Fluegel Happy Gerdy Remix) – Tuff City Kids
5. Falling (Deep Disco Mix) – Animal Feelings
6. Odd Mob – Feel So Good (Saul Remix)
7. Stop Zombie Feat Ellika – Animal Feelings
8.Work Of Art Feat Thief – Animal Feelings
9. In Love With You – The Paradise



Sotheby’s London to Auction Caroline Issa’s ‘Contemporary Curated’ on November 21

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Vladimir Dubossarsky & Alexander Vinogradov, Nobody Knows


Where could one find a Wharton educated, Canadian born, Chinese-Lebanese-Iranian-editor-curator these days, you might ask? On November 21st, it will be at the latest installment of Sotheby’s London’s fascinating Contemporary Curated series, in fact.

Caroline Issa, whose impeccable good taste already graces the pages of Tank Magazine – she is Fashion Director and Chief Executive Officer – now joins the likes of Nina Garcia, Anya Hindmarch and Jill Kargman in the gallery’s much lauded guest curator initiative. Her show focuses on post-war and contemporary pieces and is aimed at more price sensitive/cost conscious art lovers; indeed, imagine the surprise and delight at finding major artists’ works with price tags below $5,000 USD?

Issa is no stranger to the world of curation, actually, being as she is heavily influenced by her aunt Rosa Issa – who was credited with being one of the first curators of contemporary Iranian and Middle Eastern art. And although it is surely a particularly difficult task to select from such an epic collection as is Sotheby’s’, female artists in particular struck a chord, resulting in her inclusion of such XX chromosome luminaries as Nan Goldin, Marlene Dumas, Louise Lawler and Rosemarie Trockel.

The exhibit further boasts such grin-worthy notables as Murakami’s Coco; Warhol’s Crab; Banksy’s Keep It Real; Christo’s Valley Curtain; Jeff Koons’ Balloon Dog (Blue); and Ai Weiwei’s Fairytale – 1001Chairs.

The show is open now through November 20th, and the auction will take place on November 21st at 10:30am GMT.


  • Keith Haring & LA 2 (Angel Ortiz), 'Untitled' + 'Untitled'
  • Nan Goldin, 'Two Lovers Kissing in Yvon's Pool'; Wolfgang Tillmans, 'Still Life Talbot Road'; Torbjørn Rødland, 'Nudist No. 8'
  • Banksy, 'Keep it Real' (pictured right)
  • Roe Ethridge, 'Mason Jar' (center); Annette Kelm, 'Friendly Tournament' (right)
  • Jonathan Meese, 'Fräulein Babyface Kennt Nur 12 Menchlein (Dr. Affenschädel aus dem Panzerreich)'
  • Andy Warhol, 'Crab'
  • Ben, 'Too Much Art'

Duran Duran Will Play Art Basel

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Considering their long history of associating with the pop/contemporary art world (Nagel album covers, Warhol and Keith Haring collabs), it’s rather fitting that Duran Duran would wish to find themselves providing at least some of the soundtrack to the annual schmooze fest that is Art Basel, Miami edition.

And so it is that they will be playing a particularly special show for SiriusXM on December 9, at the Faena Theater in Miami Beach. It will mark the penultimate date on their more than two-year Paper Gods Tour – with the final performance taking place at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas on December 30 (which might just be far cooler than actually going out on New Year’s Eve.)

Duran’s John Taylor enthuses on the Miami concert, “As long-time fans of SiriusXM, we are really looking forward to performing this special show at such a beautiful and intimate venue. It’s going to be an up close and personal affair, a truly one-of-a-kind evening, and we look forward to getting to know everyone who attends.”

The band return to the studio in early 2018, to begin recording the follow-up to 2015’s critically acclaimed Paper Gods. Art Basel takes place December 7-10 in Miami.



BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Dan Farber’s Acoustified Version + Video of ‘Time For Living’

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Born in Tel-Aviv but now living in LA, Dan Farber found himself collaborating with / producing notable Israeli hip-hop acts while still a teen. Newly signed to Big Beat, a series of strikingly original singles (check out “Take Me High”) had already begun to stir up the buzz Stateside over the last couple of years (he counts Bella Thorne and Sonia Ben Ammar amongst his famous fans).

His latest is the hopefully titled “Time For Living,” which includes a stunningly shot video, part of a trilogy collaboration with director Gigi Ben Artzi.

“The visual is a big part of the song,” he explains. “Working with director Gigi was a dream come true, I’m a big fan of his short films and aesthetics. He brought the concept to life, shooting everything on 16mm film, giving the song a very cinematic feeling.”

And sensing the need to “put an emphasis on the message of the song,” for the video he also recorded a moving, stripped-down interpretation, which BlackBook premieres here. For the new version (echoes of Radiohead and Jeff Buckley), he enlisted fellow Israeli musician Roy Kariok, who has worked with Rita Ora and Jay Sean, emphasizing that, “we share a [musical] language.”

“It was very important to me to create an acoustic version of ‘Time For Living,” says Farber, “taking away the sonic boundaries and genre limitations and just feeling the song on one clean instrument…without too many digital manipulations.” 

“Sitting here wide awake / Letting go of my mistakes / I was looking too far away / When time is not forgiving,” he lyrically confesses. And who hasn’t felt that way sometimes?


WATCH: Boy Epic’s Beautifully Macabre New Video for ‘Wolf’

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Sometimes it’s all in the name. And Dallas songsmith Boy Epic is indeed not one for middling musical gestures. His 2014 breakout “50 Shades” (yes, it was inspired by the film) was dark, dramatic and theatrical…and it racked up 12 million views on YouTube.

Since then he has intrigued with his ethereal presence, soulful, androgynous vocals, and dark, visceral songwriting. Now newly signed to Hollywood Records, his latest single is the sultry but anxious “Wolf” (Get it? The Boy Epic who cried “Wolf”?). It is a compelling bit of haunted, cinematic Euro-R&B-pop, a disquieting meditation on self-doubt and the need for connection: “I hate this city / It’s bad for my health / I want a lover that hates themselves / So I can pity and feel like I can help.”

But it’s the accompanying horror-vérité video that genuinely gave us chills. Directed by the singer himself, it depicts something of a post-apocalyptic post-op, as he tries to grimly dance away the pain.

Genuinely compelling stuff – and makes one wonder just what this Boy is capable of.


Shia LaBeouf Was Almost Cast as Oliver in ‘Call Me by Your Name’

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By now, you’ve probably heard of Call Me by Your Name. You know, that film about Armie Hammer’s struggle with amnesia and his inability to call himself by anything other than someone else’s name.

Joking. The big, great gay romance film of the year staring Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet as the star-crossed lovers Oliver and Elio, respectively, is not about amnesia. It’s about peaches and Sufjan Stevens songs. It’s also apparently so powerfully moving that it caused Hammer to fall in love with director Luca Guadagnino.

But all of that love-making almost didn’t happen. In a new interview with Guadagnino, it’s been revealed that the entire film could’ve been very, very, very different. As in, so different it would’ve starred Shia LaBeouf as Oliver, which would’ve been terrible. In the James Ivory directed film that now exists solely in an alternate reality, LaBeouf would’ve played the grad student that Elio falls hopelessly in love with. The world may be terrible, but at least we can rest easy tonight knowing that Oliver is played to perfection by Hammer.

Oh, and the director also wants you to know that he tried masturbating with a peach because he wanted to prove that it wasn’t possible, so they wouldn’t have to do it. Turns out that it was not only possible, but when he went to Timothée and told him, the young actor said, “Of course it works! I tried it myself as well.”

Call Me by Your Name will be in theaters next Friday.

WATCH: Lui Hill’s Lynchian New Video for ‘5000 Miles’

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Working a serious Frank Ocean by way of Marvin Gaye vibe, neo-soul crooner Lui Hill has grabbed our ears and attention in a big way, with his impassioned vocal delivery and stunning falsetto. His sultry, dreamlike new single “5000 Miles,” in fact, has been on endless repeat.

The striking accompanying video is particularly compelling, with its mysterious, Lynchian noir aesthetic. Shot on the very noir-ish streets of LA, it tells a story replete with enigma and metaphor – just begging for multiple explanations and interpretations. Let it lull you equivocally into the weekend…





BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Actress-Songstress Kat Cunning’s Gorgeous New Single ‘Wild Poppies’

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Image by Zenith Richards 


None other than the New York Times called her “an exquisite indie siren.” And we couldn’t agree more. Kat Cunning has all the intensity of Lorde, but with a much more ethereal, romantic quality  – indeed, there’s something of the gossamer about her voice and her presence.

She is also a burgeoning theater talent, having done time in Dangerous Liaisons, Sleep No More and Cirque Du Soleil’s Paramour.

Her haunting new single “Wild Poppies,” which BlackBook premieres here, has a bit of the noir about it – indeed, one could easily imagine it soundtracking a particularly melancholy David Lynch scene. But as happens, it’s actually a meditation on The Wizard of Oz and its storied relationship with the gay community.

“It’s inspired by my long standing love for The Wizard of Oz,” she explains, “and a celebration of the way the story resonates with the queer community. In the film, the Wicked Witch of the West casts a spell, and snow falls down onto Dorothy and her friends, putting them to sleep in a field of wild poppies. I was drawn to Dorothy as she fell ‘over the ledge’ and under the witch’s opiates.”

And the symbolism of the poppies?

“To me, they are a symbol of pleasure, acceptance, and escape,” she says. “Dorothy submits to their power with her emerald destination gleaming in the background, as if to allow for one more taste of the beautiful world she has found. In light of this, I always found her eventual return home to be strange. Although she is invalidated for all she has seen, she exclaims that she’ll never leave home again. I wrote ‘Wild Poppies’ to explore a version of Dorothy that does not come home; it is a song for those who choose the technicolor dream.”