Listen to Cher’s Full ‘Fernando’ Duet From ‘Mamma Mia 2’

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At last, you can listen to Cher’s full duet, “Fernando,” from the Mamma Mia 2 soundtrack. 

Cher sings alongside actor Andy Garcia on the track—her trademark vocals transcend and bring the classic song to new heights.

The song is the third to be released ahead of Mamma Mia 2 in theaters, following “Waterloo” (Hugh Skinner and Lily James) and “When I Kissed the Teacher (James, Jessica Keenan Wynn, Alexa Davies and Celia Imrie).

The movie arrives in cinemas July 20—Meryl Streep, Amanda Seyfried, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, Christine Baranski, Stellan Skarsgård, Dominic Cooper and Julie Walters are all also among the cast.

Take a listen below:

BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: ‘Dita Von Teese: A Musical Film featuring Sébastien Tellier’

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At a time when everything we hold dear seems to be perpetually, crushingly under threat, our beloved Dita Von Teese continues to represent a glorious sense of freedom and possibility. One wonders, Is there anything she cannot do?

And indeed, 2018 brought with it the revelation that there is yet one more thing she cannot not do: record an album – one that is alive with her inimitable essentialness. Perfect timing, as right now…we need more Dita.

No surprise, her stunningly sensual, self-titled debut has already charted in Belgium and France, the latter’s capital something of spiritual home for her. Fittingly, it was a collaboration with the prolific Frenchman and musical genius Sébastien Tellier, who has had the privilege of counting her amongst his fans – and who decided to one day take it upon himself to write an entire album for her. In properly grand fashion, they have also created the unambiguously titled short Dita Von Teese: A Musical Film featuring Sebastien Tellier – which BlackBook premieres here.



Based around for of the songs on the record, director David Wilson (who has also worked with Arcade Fire), explains it thusly: “I knew this was an album which will never be toured, and so the task of capturing Dita and Sébastien together was an extra exciting prospect.”

Taking a cue from the album artwork, he fused the pastel 80s with classic 50s Hollywood, for an unmistakable final aesthetic that is 120% pure Dita. It is ethereal, whimsical, seductive, glamorous…and even a bit clever.

“One of my favorite parts of the script development,” Wilson enthuses, “was fusing an emotive, romantic imagery with Sébastien’s humor. The microscope, the drawing scene, the bubbles, the swing…all came from his brain. An inspired direction that both myself and Dita were all too happy to entertain.”

No surprise, stylist Jaqui Getty pulled from DVT’s personal collection…and it’s all worth seeing for the outfits alone.




Ai Weiwei Teams Up with eBay and Public Art Fund on Exclusive Sale for World Refugee Day

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Radical Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has teamed up with New York non-profit Public Art Fund and eBay to launch an exclusive sale of his work in honor of World Refugee Day. From his recent Good Fences Make Good Neighbors exhibition in New York City, the artist has selected six remarkable portraits of global refugees that will be sold exclusively through eBay, starting today. With all profits going to charity, the limited edition prints are selling for $750 each, and will be available until June 27 (or until they sell out).

Originally launched in October 2017, Ai Weiwei’s Good Fences Make Good Neighbors was inspired by the current immigration crisis, made all the more pertinent by this week’s news showcasing the way minors have been separated from their parents, and kept in horrible conditions at different United States border crossings.

The exhibition featured 300 portraits taken by the artist at 40 different global refugee camps, and were hung as banners on lampposts throughout New York City. The six images selected by Ai WeiWei and the Public Art Fund for sale on eBay, include a portrait of feminist activist Emma Goldman and current refugees photographed at the Shariya Camp in Iraq.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Ai Weiwei has long been an outspoken social activist who uses various mediums, including photography, installation, sculpture and film, to make subversive statements about politics and the current climate. Public Art Fund is a New York City non-profit “dedicated to providing free access to the most important art of our time” by “bringing dynamic contemporary art to the broadest possible audiences.” Through public art exhibitions, like Ai Weiwei’s Good Fences Make Good Neighbors, the organization examines the ways in which we interact and appreciate art.


In honor of World Refugee day, the two have partnered with eBay for Charity, a special program on the international e-commerce giant that allows sellers to donate all funds to charities of their choice. Following the company’s recent collaboration with Warren Buffet, which raised over $3M for disenfranchised communities in San Francisco, the Ai Weiwei sale will support the International Rescue Committee (IRC), which offers health, safety, education and economic aid to communities that have been destroyed by conflict, and USA for UNHCR, a Washington D.C. non-profit that protects and helps refugees who have been displaced by violence or persecution.


Every June 20 is World Refugee Day, a day to support, honor and raise awareness for the millions of refugees across this globe — and this year, it couldn’t have come at a better time. To celebrate (and get an amazing piece of art in the process), buy your limited edition Ai Weiwei portrait, here.


Photos courtesy Public Art Fund, NY

BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Soulful New Mako Single ‘Murder’

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Human relationships can sometimes be, well…murder. At least that’s what the new Mako single “Murder” – which BlackBook premieres here – is trying to get across.

The musical alter-ego of LA DJ Alex Seaver has been in existence since 2011 – but 2016 brought a first big breakthrough in the form of debut album Hourglass (via Ultra). There’s no official release date yet on the follow-up full-length, but this new song certainly intrigues in regards to future direction. Combining 80s-style soul vibes with haunting atmospherics and Seaver’s sultry, expressive vocal style, it’s lyrical allegations are nothing if not unambiguous.

“The way you look so perfect / You get away with murder,” he indicts the song’s subject.


Image by Daniel Batalles


“I wrote ‘Murder’ in London during my last trip overseas,” he recalls. “I felt like I had something special, something I could embrace a darker, cinematic side with. I wrote the piano line immediately and started referencing left field material and film scores, like Jonny Greenwood’s There Will Be Blood, for textural inspiration. A lot of that headspace flies in the background, especially in the chorus.”

It certainly shows in the cinematic qualities of the song’s lush soundscape. Does this indeed mark something of a new direction?

“Much of my upcoming album is incredibly solitary,” he reveals, “but I’m really excited to have walked through ‘Murder’ in a far more collaborative space than usual.  Knowing me, [I’ll be getting ready to record] a full orchestra for new versions.”



Florence + The Machine Release ‘Big God’ – About Religion & Ghosting

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The newest Florence + The Machine single, “Big God,” strips Florence Welch down to the accompaniment of only a piano at first – but in typically dramatic fashion, it all builds to a triumphant chorus.

She told the New York Times that the song is about “Obviously, an unfillable hole in the soul, but mainly about someone not replying to my text.”

The band’s new album High as Hope is out June 29, so we don’t have long to wait for what is sure to be the soundtrack to our summer. Indeed, we’ve already had previous singles “Sky Full of Song” and “Hunger” on endless repeat.


BlackBook Exclusive: Phoria’s Gloriously Authentic Guide to Brighton, UK

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Just an hour south of London, Brighton is a storied seaside resort (read: Graham Greene’s classic novel Brighton Rock), with everything that goes along with being a resort town in grey old England (listen: Morrissey’s “Everyday is Like Sunday”). No surprise, it’s a place whose soul is a musical one – nurturing a legendary dance scene, and turning out a steady parade of singularly eccentric, inimitable acts…most recently the likes of The Kooks, British Sea Power and Bat For Lashes.

Since 2010, cleverly monikered electronic quintet Phoria have also been a part of that great tradition. Over three EPs and one full album, 2016’s stunning Volition, they have cultivated an aestheticwhich manages to seem both transcendently otherworldly, and utterly viscerally earthbound. NPR enthused that they make “Breathlessly pretty electronic music, in which every note sounds conspicuously human.”



A new album is in the works for early 2019. In the meantime, they’re teasing that big event with this dazzlingly chill-inducing double single, “When Everything Was Mine”/”RROTOR.” The former, with its lush atmospherics, ethereal instrumentation, and lilting dynamics, reminds of Sigur Ros without the Hopelandish; the latter is a strikingly visceral, almost psychedelic epic.

We also asked them take us around their famously idiosyncratic hometown, before gentrification attempts to iron out all its eccentricities.

“Brighton has lost a lot of its charm over the last few years,” observes the band’s Tim Douglas wistfully. “What was once an exciting city with oddballs on every corner and a tune from every window, has since turned into a Scooby-Doo corridor of overpriced emporia and VICE endorsed barbershops.”



Phoria’s Fave Places That Still Have ‘That Brighton Magic’


Marwood Bar & Coffeehouse

If you’re going to go somewhere to buy coffee – and let’s face it, you probably are – then you’d do us all a favor if you made it Marwood. It’s one of the only places that isn’t one of the other places. It has good music in the evenings, old cinema seats upstairs. Sometimes the effort can be seen, but the execution is so good in the end that it doesn’t really matter. Good bar, too.



VIP Pizza

This one comes with a caveat: don’t get a pizza from here unless you want to enjoy no other pizzas. If you live in Brighton, you’re fine, because you know the goodness is only a short sprint away at any time; but if you live elsewhere then your tongue/stomach’s demand to re-experience the glistening glutenous discs they pluck from the delicious dimension using their old wind-up clockwork fire (I think) will see your life spiral down into a haze of train tickets and wasted gym memberships. That said, it will all be worth it.

Wax Factor

If you want books, go to Wax Factor. Scour the walls. They have almost an entire section of L. Ron Hubbard novels (it’s right at the back), and usually the entire bibliography of Andre Gide. If you want CDs, go to Wax Factor. Do you want CDs? You might. They’ve got a fair whack of stuff that you won’t find on Spotify. A killer jazz and blues section. Do you want collector’s vinyl? Now we’ve got your attention. It’s an actual shop, with loads of different things in it and good music on the stereo. It’s not a sterile white room with minimalist displays of underwhelming products and a lone sales assistant swanning round with a iPad. You probably can’t pay with Apple Bone Marrow or whatever people use now, so take cash.




Is there anything wrong with independent giants? Their online service is the bane of independent instrument retailers everywhere, but go into the showroom and most is forgiven. There’s simply no better music shop. And which showroom? There are three different stores, for drums, tech/keyboards, and guitars. Each with everything ready to go. All with professional staff. We’ll go to the smaller places for a treat, to see what’s in stock, and to try and support them. Otherwise, everyone goes to GAK.

The Great Eastern

Talking of bars, The Great Eastern is only a five minute walk down a hill from the railway station. Has that sold it? How about the fact that it’s the best whisky bar in Brighton? It’s got lots of wood. The staff are nice. It’s also one of those places where the layout is primed for a natural atmosphere. Seriously, there’s loads of whisky. And special offers on whisky. Go to this pub.



Easy Hours

If you were dead before Easy Hours on Grand Parade opened, then you may not have visited it. Otherwise, you have definitely been here. They stock lots of things, but all you will see is milkshake, vegetable samosas, and entire cities of colourful cylinders reaching the sky. You can pick the cylinders from their housing. They are cans. They are cans of beer. You need refreshment…if you’re going to the beach.

The Beach

You’re going to the beach! Whatever your plans are, until you’ve been down to the seafront on a long summer evening with a bunch of good friends and a Tesco’s Bag For Life packed with cold alcoholic refreshment, you’ve not done Brighton. Find a spot among the pebbles, get comfy, get pissed, laugh, and watch the sun set. I think there’s currently planning permission to turn the entire promenade into a Costa Coffee vending machine, so get here quick before it gets as good as that.



Lola Kirke Announces Debut Album, Drops ‘Supposed To’ Video

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Lola Kirke has already wowed us with roles in Gone GirlMistress AmericaMozart in the Jungle, and most recently, Gemini. But the talented actress has also been flexing her musical muscles, having released a self-titled EP in 2016, and more recently, the video for her hauntingly beautiful new single “Monster.”

Kirke has also just announced her debut album, Heart Head West, which will include the aforementioned track. Releasing through Downtown Records, it’s set to drop August 10 – and will explore her “self-doubt, family matters, social concerns, and personal loves and joys.”

With the announcement, Kirke has dropped the video for her latest single “Supposed To.” Self-directed, it stars Deborah Hedwall as an aging woman who seems to have a much younger appetite for life, following the apparent loss of her partner.

“The song ‘Supposed To’ is really about the intense pressure I feel to be what other people think I should be,” Kirke explains, “and what I think I should be. How rebellious would you feel if you had spent your life just doing things that you felt that you were supposed to do, that you were told to do?”

Heart Head West is now available for preorder online.


BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Aussie Songsmith Didirri’s Haunting New Track ‘Worth the Wait’

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You heard him here first.

Indeed, youthful Melbourne songsmith Didirri has swiftly caused a sensation in his home country, with a pair of sold-out headlining tours, and raves about his being one of Australia’s best new live performers – and all before he’s even released an album.

Looking a bit like a young Keanu Reeves, his dark, soulful indie-folk has actually rightly drawn musical comparisons to Jeff Buckley – but the gothic-blues-tinged styling and raw romanticism of his songwriting also recall Tindersticks and the “balladeer” Nick Cave.

His recent video for “I Can’t Get Last Night Out of My Head” emphasized his swoon-worthy natural charisma. But we fell hard for the haunting, piercingly visceral new track “Worth the Wait,” which BlackBook premieres here.



“When I suffered my first adult heartbreak,” he explains of the song, “I absolutely couldn’t stand someone telling me that she just wasn’t meant to be. I keep telling myself one day we would get back together. I wouldn’t listen to them – I told myself that it was worth the wait. The whole thing was incredibly confusing…and for the first time in my life I disagreed with the majority of friends that I trusted.”

Who, we might add, just happened to be right.

“After a year of singing this song,” he concedes, “I finally realize that they were all right and that she wasn’t worth the heavy weight. Sometimes it takes a long time to fight a past love away.”

His debut EP Measurements will at last see release on July 6. After which, he’ll be touring Australia extensively through September – though rumors of Stateside live dates this autumn are starting to circulate.


Listen: Sultry New Baby Ariel Track ‘Gucci on My Body’

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We hopped on board the Baby Ariel train when she released her first single “Aww” last December – and she also clued BlackBook in on her fave hangs around Miami.

The still-just-17-years-old media sensation – with her popular YouTube series Baby Doll Records and her first book, Dreaming Out Loud, due this October through Harper Collins – has now just released a third single, and its title, “Gucci On My Body,” makes no secret of its extravagant subject matter.

Indeed, over a sultry, bouncy groove and lushly synthesized atmospherics, she confesses, “I got Gucci on my body / But it’s you that’s on my mind.” A triumph of love over luxury!

In other words, it’s the perfect anthem for that early summer love. Enjoy!