In These Dark, Uncertain Times, Listening to Chelsea Wolfe Will Save Your Soul



Whatever the administration is telling us about the coronavirus “pandemic” strikes us, frankly, as glaringly untrustworthy. But for all its good intentions, the media hysteria doesn’t seem to be helping either.

It is exactly such times as these which remind us that music has always been there to pull us through—and rescue us from the abyss. And ethereal songstress Chelsea Wolfe has been a go-to soul soother for as long as we can remember. In fact, we’ve had her stunning new album Birth of Violence on repeat these last few months…and the video for the haunting new single “Highway” has us utterly mesmerized.

Now normally we would be hopping a flight to Prague right now, to catch her show at the Archa Theatre tomorrow evening, March 11 (part of a larger European tour). But since that doesn’t seem like a very good idea right now, we strenuously suggest switching off the news, lighting a few candles, and losing yourself in the entrancing 45 minutes of piercing gothic blues that is her Birth of Violence. Immediately.

So much of the rest, sadly, is simply out of our control.


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