Virgin Hotels Employs Fashionable Mannequins to Illustrate Social Distancing Guidelines




Despite being an international hub, Dallas has experienced just a fraction of the coronavirus cases as has New York (about 9200 vs. 200,000)—so it’s no surprise that gyms, bars, restaurants and shops have already begun opening back up there. And, no surprise, veritably every action being taken has been swept up into the escalating socio-cultural war surrounding the crisis.

Hotels represent unique situations, of course—with guests coming from all over the world to congregate under one roof…all with possibly different ideas of what it means to be taking precautions. So rigorous measures are naturally being undertaken…

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‘Inside CHANEL’ Explores the Designer’s Iconic Collaborations w/ Art + Film



If you’re seeking a binge-worthy alternative to sociopathic big cat collectors or soulless Ozark-based money launderers, take a peek at the House of Chanel’s Inside CHANEL collection of micro-documentaries. The series, which began in 2013, explores the world of legendary founder/designer Coco Chanel from every imaginable angle.

The newest additions to the series explore the special relationship that (real name) Gabrielle Chanel maintained with the creative world. The first episode, Chapter 27: Gabrielle Chanel and the Arts, sketches a portrait of a woman who was both an observer and a collaborator, and who played an integral…

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Instagram Style: @LIDOWARCHIVE is Camp, Colorful…and a Fave of Troye Sivan

Images by Jess Farran; Styling by Haile Lidow @lidowarchive



Not that we were totally surprised—but sheltering-in-place has created a new fertile ground for already imaginative content creators to take everything just that much further. To wit, Brooklyn-based clothing rental company LIDOW ARCHIVE, which was already one of our faves, with its camp, eccentric and very colorful Instagram account.

It’s a fantasyland of 4,000+ eclectic pieces of vintage and contemporary fashions and accessories, putting new, offbeat brands right alongside treasures from the venerable houses of Moschino, Karl Lagerfeld, Dior, Lacroix, Ashish, Versace, Emilio Pucci…we could go…

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Exclusive Interview + Shoot: Ruby Amadelle Comes Musically Into Her Own

Images by Jess Farran; Styling by Haile Lidow @lidowarchive




In a recent exclusive interview and photoshoot for BlackBook, we got a peek into the world of burgeoning electropop singer/songwriter Ruby Amadelle – who has been better known as musical sidekick to her very famous brother and best friend Gus Dapperton. Speaking to her during the pandemic lockdown, it was immediately evident that her maturity, self-assurance and emotional depth significantly bely her youth. Further bearing that out, her debut album, the tellingly titled Raw, drops today—May 22.


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Here’s the ‘Queer Eye’ Season 5 Trailer – With a Stunning New Track by VINCINT




While the original Queer Eye For The Straight Guy was beloved for its sense of over the top fun and camp, when the series returned in 2018, truncated to Queer Eye, it was a decidedly more heady, though no less fabulous affair.

Season 5 will premiere on Netflix June 5, and the boys are headed to our beloved city (of Brotherly Love), Philadelphia. The first trailer is here, and amidst all the fashion faux pas jokes (“You know those metal bins that you can put clothes in and burn them? Do you…

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