Ferragamo is Launching a Very Stylish TRIVIA Game



When relegated to trips outside being only about fetching groceries and toothpaste, our irrepressible love of fashion is certainly given a distinct recontextualization. Though as a kind of empowerment therapy, we highly recommend dressing up a few times a week, even when just running out to pick up a box of cereal or stock up on wine.

But we also suggest shutting off the news and virtually spending some time with your favorite fashion brands, skimming their Instagram pages to plan for those post-corona outfit ideas—as an attitude of hopefulness can make quarantining significantly more bearable. Our friends at

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Fendi’s New #BaguetteFriendsForever Short Stars Winnie Harlow + Shannon Hamilton



If we’re being honest, we really just can’t take any more bad, nay quasi-apocalyptic news right now. So the arrival of the next clip in Fendi’s heartwarming #BaguetteFriendsForever series has made us particularly, if momentarily happy this week.

The ongoing campaign brings together real life, and famous but not spectacularly so best friends—BlackBook, for instance, recently featured the episode with Tommy Dorfman and Naomi Watanabe—for a brief but fabulous adventure that ultimately revolves around the exalted Fendi Baguette bag. In the newest installment, The Unexpected Baguette, model Shannon…

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First Images: Stockholm’s ‘Hem’ Has a New Soho Studio Space

Images by Brian Ferry



Over the last couple of decades, the American obsession with Swedish design has become essentially a matter of fact. And so the recent U.S. invasion of Stockholm-based Hem has seemed almost inevitable, if not way overdue.

Indeed, the brand (whose name simply means “home”), was founded in 1983, at a time when the States were more concerned with outré movements like Memphis. But a new, post-millennial wave of style magazines have ceaselessly exalted all things Scandinavia, paving the way for a primary 21st Century aesthetic that hasn’t much tolerance for wacky…

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RHYME SO’s Brilliant ‘Fashion Blogger’ Pokes Fun at Fashion + Social Media Excess

Images by Sarai Mari 



Being just on the other side of the New York, Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks, perhaps allows for at least a small measure of…ironic distance. And so the glorious new RHYME SO single “Fashion Blogger” can just be enjoyed for its joyfully sardonic brilliance.

The duo of Australian singer RHYME and Mondo Grosso’s Shinichi Osawa is kind of unexpected; but the track itself is an impossibly infectious mix of sexed up funk riffs and ’80s club culture, with smart-alecky lyrics about fashion world self-importance, and obsession with…

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Tag Heuer Just Debuted a Sleek New ‘Connected Watch’ That Can Also Keep You Healthy



Perhaps it’s an omen of a sorts, that we were able to sneak in one last splashy launch party before the coronavirus lockdown in NYC. And the introduction event for the sexy new Tag Heuer Connected Watch definitely provided enough glamorous diversion to hold us over for the next few weeks.

And there are plenty of reasons to love this sleek new timepiece, which combines the fashionable looks of TG’s statement Carrera watch with the functionality of a smartphone, the brand’s third generation version of this line.

Very much designed with sporting types in mind, there’s an…

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