Images: Ferragamo Celebrates Contemporary Female Identity for Autumn/Winter Milan Fashion Week Presentation



Perhaps athwart the “dumbing down rising” reality brought on by short attention span social media, fashion houses seem to be taking the lead in urging us back towards more thoughtful explorations of the contemporary culture.

To wit, for its Autumn/Winter Womenswear show at Milan Fashion Week, Ferragamo reached back a century to challenge Carl Jung’s observations on the seven female archetypes: the mother, the maiden, the queen, the huntress, the wise woman, the mystic and the lover. (To be honest, most women we know are a little bit of all…and more.) In this, the early 21st…

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Images: Prada’s Fall / Winter 2020 Milan Fashion Week Show Goes Full Conceptual



Fashion houses have made much of celebrity associations to stay current. But none have advanced the cultural and intellectual gravitas of fashion quite like Prada under her magnificence Miuccia. And for this year’s Milan Fashion Week, the conceptualizing was taken to a particularly spectacular level.

Taking over the Grand Hall of Deposito, the epic function space at Fondazione Prada, the brand’s Fall / Winter 2020 Womenswear show took place within a pair of hallucinatory “piazzas.” Each was created around the illusion of voided out space, to give the perception of floating in,…

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South Korea Fashion Ascendance: Ten Labels You Need to Know

Alana Hadid in Beyond Closet Sweater 



South Korea is taking America by cultural storm of late, stunning Hollywood with its Best Picture Oscar win for Parasite, and exporting K-Pop bands that make the girls scream louder than Bieber could even imagine. Even K-Beauty skin care is a thing.

Korean brands are also shaking up the fashion scene with an arsenal of fresh looks and new thinking, centered on a concept of creating playful and edgy, yet accessible looks that work well on a variety different body shapes…and naturally, coming to be known as K-Fashion. BlackBook

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First Images: Fendi Has a Stunning New Boutique in Venice



With climate change a daily worry for the citizens of Venezia, you have to admire their unshakeable determination to carry on with the business of daily life. And so on May 23, the Biennale Architettura will open for its 17th edition; and some four months later—September 12 to be exact—another Venice Film Festival will again bring unparalleled glamour and star power to the ethereal city on the Lagoon.

Those pouring in to the capital of the Veneto for such happenings will of course need somewhere appropriately fabulous to…

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Style Icon Daphne Guinness Has a Very Psychedelic New Single Called ‘Hallucinations’



We have always loved Daphne Guinness for the veritable living work of art that she is—and contend that she is one of the most under-utilized fashion designers of her generation. (Though it may be possible that no one could actually pull off her style but her.)

But the designer-model-artist-actress-philanthropist also makes music…and quite fascinating music at that. To wit, hauntingly sexy new single “Hallucinations,” which is something like medieval-psychedelia with a touch of Siouxsie style dark mysticism. Appropriately, the lyrics skirt the perimeter fence of surrealism, while also possibly representing a coded…

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