Daniel Hardy & Rupert Wyatt on ‘Gravity’ & the Death of the Medium-Budget Movie

Inside Movies is a series of video conversations hosted by screenwriter Daniel Hardy in conversation with various people from within the film industry. This series looks to offer an insider’s perspective—and an absurdly geeky passion for film —as all manner of current movie-related topics are discussed.

Our first guest, director Rupert Wyatt , has been Daniel’s co-writer of many years—whose 2008 debut movie The Escapist began both of their careers, with Rupert going on to make the well-received blockbuster Rise of the Planet of the Apes. In this segment, they discuss Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity and the death of the medium-budget movie in current Hollywood.

And in case you ever find your self drifting off into space, we recommend packing the best medium-budget movie ever: The Godfather. Original budget $1 Million. Actual Budget $6.2 Million. Of course we’d bring the Audible Version, because if you clinging to life, how will you hold on the book?

Enjoy the conversation in full below.


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