BlackBook Premiere: Kaya Stewart’s Raw, Quarantine-Conjured Video for ‘California’




Lockdown, for those of us mature enough to comply with it, has been a bitch; but we’ve been constantly impressed with the creative ways artists have adapted to our group solitary confinement in getting their work out—maybe reference the Alison Mosshart lockdown to fully grasp our point.

The latest contender for “best use of time during a pandemic” is LA-based rising pop starlet Kaya Stewart. The daughter of Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart, and mentee of other Eurythmic Annie Lennox, burst on the scene in 2015 with her hit “In Love With A Boy,” the success of which begat a near constant road show for the next few years, including a slot on the Warped Tour.

Now with her new track, a more laid-back and grownup sounding “California,” Stewart had to conjure a clever way to make a video that captures the Golden State vibe of the tune, while only being allowed out of the house one hour a day. The result is the clip BlackBook premieres here, a muted grey and white study of our girl wandering around a concrete backyard / basketball court, intoning a plea to a sometime lover. While the refrain of “Let’s move to California” has been a known cure-all for bands from Led Zeppelin to the Beach Boys, it now comes with an even greater sense of the unknown; yet we’re guessing that there would be plenty of takers for Ms Stewart’s offer.

“The best advice I ever got about writing songs was to be as honest as possible; and I don’t think I’ve ever been as honest as I am in ‘California’. This song felt like therapy to me.” Says the artist, check it.





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