Trend Watch: Bubbles Are Chic Again

All images by Ken Goodman

Sodastream has had a trying year. In the wake of last year’s Gaza conflict, boycotts erupted over the company’s West Bank presence, causing them to announce the 2015 closure of their factory there. The stock price thusly took a big hit.

SodaStream Source machine event display 4. Credit Ken Goodman

But determinedly turning the focus back to their products, they’ve teamed up with superstar chef Paul Liebrandt (Corton, The Elm), he of the two Michelin stars and the 2011 HBO documentary A Matter of Taste: Serving Up Paul Liebrandt. And in defiance of the so-called blizzard of 2015, the NYC cognoscenti gathered at distinctly aroma-therapied Gramercy Park Hotel Terrace Tuesday evening to sample the, um, fruits of that partnership.

Chef Paul Liebrandt with guest. Credit Ken Goodman

Indeed, at least four (perhaps five or six—we’d actually lost count) bars turned out joyously fizzy cocktails—we were all about the Pimms—while teetotalers sipped the booze free versions of Liebrandt’s electrifyingly tasty new Sparkling Gourmet line. Divided into three categories, flowers, fruits and herbs, they’re as fun as they are flavorful: just pop a Nespresso-like container into one of Sodastream’s cooly retro-mod seltzer makers, and you’re on your way to hours of bubblicious liquid merriment.

Considering the palpable effervescence of the assembled, we’re pretty sure they’ve got a hit on their hands.

Sparkling gourmet flavor capsules 2. Credit Ken Goodman


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