Drag Race’s Adore Delano’s First NYC Performance Since RuPaul

Over Memorial Day weekend, RuPaul’s Drag Race runner-up (and fan favorite) Adore Delano invited us to follow her into her first New York performance since the show ended, at the Out hotel. From her hotel room to the party, we were entranced by Adore and her bubbly ‘Party!’ personality. She gave us the scoop of everything from what she’d been up to and what her latest record, Till Death Do Us Party, sounds like. Later, Adore introduced us to another queen also performing that night, Darienne Lake, who made us laugh with a great lip-sync to Legendary Lovers by Katy Perry. Adore is the total package, and she showed it by performing her first single DTF to a hungry crowd waiting to be slayed. Here are pics from the night, including a guest appearance from another fan favorite Ben DeLaCreme.

Adore getting ready at her hotel in Times Square

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Adore in the green room at the Out hotel

Adore and fellow season sixer Darienne Lake

The scene backstage

40160012Darienne changing into her ‘Shady Elephant’ look for her Katy Perry lip sync
       40160020Adore performing DTF

Another season six queen Ben DeLaCreme stops by to say hi after the performance
 540160001Adore with fans

Here’s her recently released first single DTF:

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