Orlando Bloom Does Hollywood a Favor

Photo by Hengist Decius

Justin Bieber once again proves that he’s Hollywood’s biggest douchelord. This time it doesn’t involve peeing in a bucket or speeding his leopard print Audi in the streets of his child-infested Calabasas neighborhood. This drama took place overseas and involved not only Orlando Bloom, but my personal favorite restaurant Cipriani’s as well. We hope no bellinis were harmed in the making of this tabloid headline.

Apparently things got heated at the Ibiza hotspot that was hosting a party where Hilton, Lohan, and Diddy were present. Allegedly, Bloom refused to shake Justin’s hand (for good reason, who knows where that thing has been!) due to claims that JB made rude comments about Blooms ex, supermodel goddess Miranda Kerr. Orlando, being a true man, stood up for himself and the brunette bombshell and threw a punch at the toddler sized adult. The crowd at #Cips went wild. A round of bellinis for everyone!

Being the “gangster” that Justin is, he had his entourage block the hit; he couldn’t let anything happen to his chiseled little baby face. Sources also say JB was putting his newly puberty deep vocals to yell, “What’s up, bitch?” And “Say hi to her,” as the two we’re being separated. Justin’s just such a class act.

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