Open Carry Gun Craze, Custard Cocaine + NYC’s Lost Village

NYC’s New Megachurch Is More Popular Than Jesus
Despite the L-train aesthetic, Hillsong NYC is actually an extension of a much larger Australian megachurch movement and multimedia conglomerate by the same name.

Seattle’s $15 Minimum Wage Plan Is Probably Not Going to Crash Its Economy
Some writers have been wringing their hands about how the minimum wage hike in Seattle will spell doom, but we should be celebrating instead of panicking.

Why NRA’s Scary “Open Carry” Craze Is Not About Freedom
In the wake of the new Georgia law which pretty much makes it legal to carry deadly weapons at all times in all places, parents were alarmed when an armed man showed up at the park where their kids were playing little league baseball. And there’s nothing they could do about it!

How John Hughes Reinvented The Teen Comedy
Sixteen Candles turns 30 years old this week. It captured the angst of high school existence.

Rob Ford: ‘Rehab Is Amazing’
“I feel great,” he said. “Rehab is amazing. It reminds me of football camp. Kind of like the Washington Redskins camp I went to as a kid.”

Man Tries, Fails To Disguise Cocaine As Powdered Custard At JFK
A Guyanese man was arrested for attempting to smuggle nearly 18 pounds of cocaine inside several bags of powdered custard through JFK.

Video Reveals 140 Years Of Change At Specific NYC Locations
Terrific project recreates George Brainerd’s photographs in present day

The Lost Village In New York City
Smack in the center of New York City, in the confines of Central Park, there are ghostly vestiges of a 19th century neighborhood that once was vibrant and thriving but now is largely forgotten: Seneca Village.

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