N. Korea via Google Glass, Bear Attacks + Dictionary Selfie

Woman Treks Two Miles After Bear Attack
A female jogger on an Anchorage military base saved herself by managing to hike two miles after a brown bear launched a bloody attack on her.

‘Selfie’ Is Officially in the Dictionary
Other social media-focused terms, like “hashtag,” “catfish” (as a verb), “tweep,” and “crowdfunding” were declared part of the official lexicon, as well.

What Television Will Look Like In 2025, According To Netflix
You’ll have 48 million TV channels…

Intimate, First Person Views Of North Korea Captured On Google Glass
What’s Korean for “Glasshole?”

Women Are Getting Plastic Surgery For The Perfect Wedding Ring Photo
A growing trend in the U.S. to have plastic surgery to make hands prettier before the all-important selfie…

Facebook’s Latest Trick To Get You To Share More Personal Information
The social network recently rolled out an “Ask” button that will appear next to the relationship status of users who have chosen not to publicly disclose the information.

Patton Oswalt Confronts His Haters
Patton Oswalt sets up a sting operation to confront his most vocal Internet critics face-to-face. But he’s in for a big surprise.

McDonald’s New Mascot Is The Stuff Of Nightmares
McDonald’s unveiled a new mascot today. It’s called “Happy” but so far the reactions have been anything but…

Actor Michael Jace Charged In Wife’s Shooting Death
The Paterson, NJ-born actor, best known for his work in the cop drama “The Shield.”


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