Hanksy, Boston Marathon Survivors + Cat Café

Racist Mayor Resigns
The Missouri mayor said last week that he agreed with Frazier Glenn Miller that Jews are ruining the country. Miller, of course, is the murderer of three people at Jewish sites outside Kansas City, as well as a former Klansman. Bye-bye racist mayor!

Three Hollywood Execs Named in Sex-Ring Suit
Leading the charge is X-Men director Bryan Singer.

Gay Scout Leader’s Troop Expelled
The Boy Scouts of America revoked the charter of an official troop because it refused to fire its gay scoutmaster.

Jared Frank Poised To Earn Big Bucks From Kick-In-The-Head Video
Jared Frank is working with a California-based company to earn revenues from his popular YouTube video.

Maimed Survivors Cheer Finishers At Boston Marathon Finish Line
Maimed survivors of last year’s Boston Marathon bombing stood tall, strong and proud at this year’s finish line Monday.

Head Of Onion’s A.V. Club Headed To Entertainment Weekly
Entertainment Weekly has scooped Kyle Ryan from The Onion’s A.V. Club in Chicago, to be the new editorial head of EW.com.

Meet Hanksy, NYC’s Humorous & Humble Street Artist
A blurred-out Hanksy talks about why he does what he does. And his really cute dog.

Cat Café Popping Up In NYC This Week!
Pet food company Purina One will open a pop up pussycat coffee shop this Thursday, April 24th at events space 168 Bowery.

How Silk Road Bounced Back from Its Multimillion-Dollar Hack
The current administrator of the infamous black market site Silk Road (the 2.0 version) wrote back in February on the site’s forums. In total, an estimated $2.7 million worth of bitcoin belonging to users and staff of the site was stolen.

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