FBI Relaxes on Pot, GoPro Goes Media + Obama’s Drones

FBI Relaxing Pot Policy for Recruits
The Federal Bureau of Investigation famously has a policy of not accepting job applicants who have smoked pot in the last three years, but it appears the federal agency may be relaxing that rule.

Obama to Disclose Drone Justification
The Obama administration will reveal a much-speculated-about secret memo that explains the legal justification for using drones to target and kill American citizens abroad.

Execution Halted at Last Minute
Attorney argued that tumors in the convicted murderer’s head could complicate the administration of lethal drugs, leading to “excruciating, even torturous pain.”

Inside the Troubling Rise of Fascist Parties Across Europe
History is repeating itself as Europe’s political leadership puts the needs of the banks first and the people last.

GoPro is Turning into a Media Company
GoPro just filed a $100 million IPO.

The Man Who Plays Soccer with One Leg
Alexandre Toledo used to be a professional soccer player in Brazil, but in 1996 a motorcycle accident injured his left leg so badly that the limb was eventually amputated.

Creeped Out by Couchsurfing
Is couchsurfing.org a brave social experiment spreading love and hospitality around the world, or a hedonistic haven for creeps seeking an easy lay?

A Last Illicit Look Inside the Crumbling Kutsher’s Resort Before it’s Razed
Kutsher’s Hotel and Country Club was the last of the grand old Borscht Belt resorts.

How Much Do You Have to Earn to Afford a Home in NYC?
Fancy yourself a member of the patrimonial middle class, do you?

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