Death Threats, Kitten Torture + Comfortable Airplane Armrests

Death Threats Kill ‘Smart Gun’ Sales
Electronic chips in a smart gun communicate with a watch that can be bought separately. The gun cannot be fired without the watch. Gun nuts issued death threats to some gun shop owners who planned to sell the weapon.

Teens Deny Vine Kitten Torture
Two teenage girls from South Portland, Maine claim they did not intend harm on a kitten by putting it in the microwave and then posting the video on social media.

Friend of Girlfriend Leaked Racist Sterling Tapes
Apparently, the friend was entrusted with the recordings for “safekeeping” in case anything happened, but then leaked them to TMZ without permission.

The Rob Ford Bender Guide to Toronto’s Best Sandwiches
Rob’s decided to check himself into rehab after getting caught smoking crack again. See what sandwiches he likes to eat when fucked up.

Cyclist Arrested For Videotaping Cop During Red Light Stop
“When I tried to record my interaction with the officer I was arrested… in 10 seconds flat.”

Ken Ham’s Answers In Genesis Website Responds To The Newest Episode Of “Cosmos” With A Scathing “Rebuttal”
“We know from the Bible that God created the stars on Day Four of Creation Week about 6,000 years ago, blah, blah, blah…”

A Pickup Artist Appeals To The Shy And Tech-Oriented With His Algorithms For Getting Laid
He teaches tech guys how to get laid like a rock star. 

F. Scott Fitzgerald Stories To Be Published Uncensored For The First Time
Highlights include: Sexual innuendo, drug references and anti-Semitic slurs.

Never Fight For Your Armrest On An Airplane Again
Hong Kong-based Paperclip Design Limited has come up with a clever concept that would eliminate the need to jostle for elbowroom on the plane: the Paperclip Armrest.

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