Will We Ever Hear the 2015 Song of the Summer?

There’s still time left to find it: filmmaker Brendan Jay Sullivan explains his path to finding the 2015 Song of the Summer.

Every summer has one. Whether you like it or not. The song of the summer is just as likely to be heard on the dance floor as it is coming out of the rolled down windows of any passing car. With the way we listen to music changing so much over the past 30 years–half of them in the digital music era–you’d think that would change how we get to song of the summer. But it hasn’t. 

For the past several years I have packed up my records and headed to the Hamptons. Usually just for a few days. Parties. Rich people’s weddings. Funded launches. It’s fun and usually the staff are rad people and afterward you can get down like you’re at the staff housing from Dirty Dancing. But one thing that unifies locals, renters and even their kids: is Song of the Summer.

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