TALE Podcast: Behind the Storytelling with Ted Rall and Lynn Bixenspan

Podcasts are huge and storytelling shows are huge— so why not bring the two together? Storytelling shows have become rampant in New York City, and are the new poetry slam, which is the new spoken word, which is the new origami, which is the new twerking – it’s becoming just that popular. 

The TALE podcast is like VH1’s Behind The Music—but with stories. If you attend storytelling shows, you always want to find a little bit more than what is told—sort of the DVD commentary of stories in podcast form. (Just like NPR, but with less mandolins.)

The TALE podcast brings you the best storytellers in NYC, with creds ranging from NPR, Comedy Central, McSweeneys, Vice, The Nation, and HBO, cohosted by comedian Alex Schmidt and myself.

This Week Stories/Guest:

Political cartoonist/author Ted Rall. His work has been syndicated everywhere from the Village Voice to the Los Angeles Times. In 2001 he was a war correspondent in Afghanistan. But most of all, Ted has had a TV slugfest with FOX News’ Sean Hannity:


Comedian Lynn Bixenspan —a regular at UCB, The PIT, FUSE TV, and comedy storytelling show across the land.

Alex and I chat with Ted and Lynn as they tell us tales of government surveillance and losing your virginity, via Facebook:

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