Premiere: Hear TWICEYOUNG’s Nostalgic New EP ‘Prefer You’

After a long period of growth and recording, Nashville three piece TWICEYOUNG release their sophomore EP Prefer You, an easygoing electronic ride.

The group, who use electronic elements to blend darker dream pop with subtle punk prog-rock influences (if you really want to find them) to do the whole fuzzy, grimy thing really well. The overly processed, emotive vocals that hit home but sound like they are a mile away are perfectly on trend, but it’s nice that the band isn’t copying any group out there too closely. The entire EP feels rather nostalgic and ends fittingly with the (relatively) quiet, contemplative “Not So Young”.

“We’re so proud of this new EP. Each song was written within a very specific context for the record as a whole, and it feels so good to finally make that available.” said vocalist and guitarist Tyler Laspopoulos. “Unlike our first EP, which focuses on very different and specific stories and moments, each song on this new record spills into the next. It’s up front and it’s personal – stories you feel a part of.”

There is a lot being done in the musical space that TWICEYOUNG inhabit, and it’s good to see them forging their own route.

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