The Met Launches Webseries ’82nd and Fifth’

The weather is slowly getting nicer and there is more daylight everyday. It all feels amazing. The gradual changes that we often don’t stop to observe are happening. Summer nights will soon be upon us with a whole world of possibilities to explore. Stimulation will be ever present and the paths we could choose will be unlimited. If you are like me, you dream of spending these long summer days lost in the museum and gallery circuit wandering through new exhibits. And if you are like me, you have yet to make it to these dreams a reality. Excuses and responsibilties take over your mind and you realize you have to spend most of your days behind a desk. So for the hard working grounded human in us all, The Metropolitan Museum of Art has reinvented the museum-going experience: every Wednesday The Met brings the art from within the walls right to your screen with their new series 82nd & Fifth.

The web series joins together a 100 curators to talk about specific works of art that resonate with them. 82nd & Fifth allows inside access into the depth of artworks that might go overlooked and allows one to hone in on and give attention to individual pieces. While you may be stuck behind your desk sipping iced coffee, let the museum come to you and get lost for two minutes with a small dose of culture.

Check out one of the stand-out episodes featuring curator Doug Eklund and Dedicated to Myself, which exhibits the found photo album of teenage boy who took the traditional model of a photo album and made it uniquely his own. By collaging photographs, illustrations, and notes, the artist propells us into his world to observe his musings on the ladies who weave in and out of it. Eklund states, "The entire album is an excerise in exploring what the pictures mean to him and what people’s relationships to photographs can tell us,"

The series premieres two new episodes every Wednesday, and you can receive these episodes right in your inbox each week, which eliminates half the effort already. Head over to the museum website to uncover several other interactive features as well as a backlog of every episode. Be inspired to gain a new perspective on the way you view the world this season. Exploration is right at your fingertips.

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