Sink Into Euphoria With Both Versions of The Knocks’ ‘Classic’

Photo via The Knocks’ Facebook

What do you do when you create the perfect summertime jam, only to see the season end and fall come all too quickly? Why, you rework the track into something perfect for the upcoming cold, quiet winter nights. If your song is good enough, the translation will work.

That’s exactly what NYC production duo The Knocks did with their sunshine-bright anthem to all things tried-and-true,  “Classic”. The original track was released this past summer and blew everybody away upon first listen. “Classic” mixes so many tidbits of influences—spanning genres and decades, including a sample of Len’s “Steal My Sunshine”—it is at once immediately familiar and entirely new.

While it may have soundtracked some of our summers, not everybody heard “Classic”…yet. The song has been remixed into the “Sunset” version, going from backyard barbecue party anthem to a finger snapping, piano-led beauty. After listening to both versions, it’s hard to believe they are even the same song. Even featured vocalist Powers re-recorded her vocals, going all out with the backing harmonies and injecting a bit of romance into what was once an incredible dance jam.

While they were each created for completely different moods, both will leave you feeling euphoric.

Original Version:

Sunset Version:

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