Super Stylist Danielle Nachmani on Joining ‘House of Mercedes-Benz’ Fashion Week

It’s about that time again. To kick off the fall/winter 2013 season of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, the luxury vehicle manufacturer has announced an exciting new feature in the lobby of Lincoln Center. Celebrating the relationship between cars and clothes, "House of Mercedes-Benz" Fashion Week will feature a showcase of two new rides—the ready-to-wear-inspired CLA-Class and the haute couture-like SLS AMG Black Series—complemented by two corresponding mannequins styled celebrity stylist Danielle Nachmani. Here, Nachmani shares more about the new gig, advice to future stylists and her "incredibly intimidating" experience working with Mary-Kate Olsen.

How did your collaboration with Mercedes-Benz come about?
"When Mercedes-Benz reached out to me to style looks within the House of Mercedes-Benz display, I was immediately intrigued due to the strong tie Mercedes-Benz has with the fashion world. I’m excited to lend my styling expertise to create looks that speak to both of the beautiful vehicles on display."
What is your earliest fashion memory and when did you know that you wanted to be a stylist?
"Fashion has always been in my life, my parents were incredibly influential for me in regards to style. 
However a moment that made me realize this was my career was my High Schools Fashion Show I insisted that there needed to be a stylist and a day before the show when all the looks were complete I was called into the principles office for the first time ever and was scolded for my styling choices and told "this isn’t manhattan miss nachmani" It was then I realized that my styling choices evoked a reaction and it was definitely a sign to move forward in pursuing a career of styling. Not that the principle of my high school was remotely a barometer of taste."
Who was the first celeb you ever styled and what was that experience like? 
"I had the opportunity for my first job as a stylist to work with Mary-Kate Olsen for her 2009 appearance at the Met Ball.  It was incredibly intimidating but ultimately very rewarding since I valued and respected her opinion so much. To date its one of my most favorite red carpet moments."
What’s your top advice for anyone looking to break into the industry?
"Intern, intern, intern! Obviously the industry has changed drastically as anyone with a computer and internet can become a "Stylist" but what I always loved about the industry was the process of working your way up and knowing your superiors had been through the same. Obviously that has changed but at the end of the day kindness and hard work no matter how menial the task will get you very far , you never know whose watching you."
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