Steve Buscemi Goes Bowling With Vampire Weekend, Fun Ensues

Who knew that lovable weirdo and iconic cult actor and director Steve Buscemi would make such a beautiful comedic pairing with Vampire Weekend? And since they announced the collaboration to have Buscemi direct their upcoming show at Roseland Ballroom as part of the American Express Unstaged Series, the dudes and Buscemi have been teasing us with hilarious videos of their time spent promoting the concert together.

First, we saw them awkwardly in the studio for their "first meeting," and now we see the group out and about on a bowling trip. Buscemi, seeming to think Vampire Weekend doesn’t have much of a fan base, scrambles to put out flyers for their concert, attempting to wrangle folks into coming to the show. And then as the video continues they all head to the bowling alley where the Vamp guys all get strikes while Buscemi’s ball flies off into the gutter. A Big Lebowski joked is botched when Buscemi doesn’t get it and the whole thing is just a delight.

Take a look below.

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