Hear Russian Red’s Heartfelt Acoustic Versio of ‘Casper’

Russian Red may be a huge name internationally, but here in the US her star is just beginning to rise. The Spanish singer is a treasure in her homeland, and with one listen to her new acoustic (okay, acoustic-ish, as they do have some live synthesizers in there) recordings, you’ll be able to see why.

Red’s (real name Lourdes Hernández) most recent album Agent Cooper was released this past February to critical acclaim and was snatched up by fans around the world who couldn’t wait for new material. Since then, she has been touring non-stop, selling out her own shows everywhere from Los Angeles to Mexico to Southeast Asia and filling slots on festivals across Europe.

To keep the promotion going on her third LP, the singer recently took some time to re-record acoustic versions of some of her favorite tracks off Cooper, including the heartfelt, rocking “Casper”. The track is a perfect showcase of what makes Russian Red so talented: she can perfectly combine rocking guitars, trendy synths and her signature blend of hook-laden, beautiful honesty like nobody else can.

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