Premiere: See the Video for Daniel Knox’s Haunting New Song ‘Blue Car’

With a sound that’s as powerfully heartbreaking as it is playfully sinister, Chicago-based musician and composer Daniel Knox possesses a ferocious talent that lures you deep into his twisted but fascinating world. Praised for imprinting his own dark skew on popular American song styles, Knox’s upcoming self-titled third album explores everything from “time travel, abandoned shopping centers, and growing up in a slowly fading middle America.” 

Having previously worked with such artistic icons as David Lynch and Jarvis Cocker, his latest record is comprised of ten songs inspired by Knox’s own childhood in Springfield, IL, as well as his collaboration with friend and photographer John Atwood, who also directed the first music video off the album. And today, we’re pleased to share it with you. 

Titled “Blue Car,” the video for the beautifully haunting song features Knox’s unique and gut-wrenchingly good baritone crooning, paired with Atwood’s expressionist visuals. Speaking to the track, Knox told us:

This song was the centerpiece to an hour-long show I did with John Atwood called “14 15 111” which featured songs set to video. Blue Car” relates to something that happened to me when I was a boy that may or may not have been time travel and takes place, like most of these songs, in Springfield, IL.”

So take a listen for yourself below, hear more of Knox’s music HERE and get excited for his new album out January 20th on Carrot Top Records.

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