Peter, Bjorn & John Will Do a 36-Hour Live Stream ‘Festival’ From INGRID Studio



There’s little question that the current coast to coast sheltering-in-place orders in America are what is needed to maintain the health and safety of the citizenry. Curiously though, despite more than 2500 diagnosed cases, Sweden has chosen to not go into full lockdown…which naturally leaves us wishing we were sitting in some stylish hotel bar in Stockholm right now, knocking back a few artfully created Swedish Mules.

But in truth, as close as we’ll get to feeling like we’re actually in the Swedish capital will be a 36-hour Peter, Bjorn & John live stream that will be kicking off this Friday, March 27, 9am EST, in their fabled Ingrid Studio. The prolific indie trio had been scheduled to kick off a U.S. tour this Saturday in Seattle, so this will offer disappointed fans quite the worthy consolation.



Titled 36h INGRID, it taps the considerable talent pool of the INGRID collective, the band’s venerable label. There will be live performances from Shout Out Louds, Freja The Dragon, Tussilago, Esther, Johnossi and OLSSON, along with DJ sets from Studio Barnhus’s Axel Boman and Kornél Kovács.

“Stuck at home with a postponed U.S. tour,” says singer Peter Morén, “we were planning on doing a streamed show from the Ingrid Studio, just playing songs from our new album and having fun. But since there are a lot of other artists, bands and DJs around in Stockholm too, we invited some of them to join us. So we got us a little mini festival going on for 36 hours.”

PB&J plan to relaunch their delayed tour this September 23 at Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles, which will take them to 15 U.S. cities, including a stop at Rough Trade in Brooklyn October 7.


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