Like A Parking Meter: This New Coffee Shop Charges By The Hour, Not The Cup

Ever wonder what it’s like to chug a latte like it’s a frat-supplied keg of Budweiser? Now you’ll get your chance at a new coffee shop in Germany – where you’re charged by the hour, not the cup, and the brew is all-you-can-drink. At the cleverly-named Slow Time Café, an hour in the shop costs you around $6.45, and every half-hour after is $3.88 – making four hours a hefty $29.73. But, if you are someone who is extremely adept at downing three cappuccinos in under 30 minutes, the $2.59, first half-hour charge is unbeatable.

Inspired by cafes in Russia, Slow Time is stocked with books, board games, and cozy slippers – and all the clocks inside are purposely set at different times – ensuring that people get too comfortable warming their feet and playing Yahtzee to realize they just spent $150 on the experience.

Will this business model be applied to wine bars and breweries? We can only hope, folks. We can only hope.

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