Lana Del Rey to Sing Two Songs for Tim Burton’s ‘Big Eyes’

Photo courtesy of Benjamin Lozovsky/

Lana Del Rey: the queen, the goddess, the voice. After totally being snubbed for her beautifully tragic “Young and Beautiful,” featured on Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby soundtrack, she might just have a new chance to win an Oscar with Tim Burton’s Big Eyes. Alongside his recurring Danny Elfman orchestration, it’s been announced that his latest film will feature two Del Rey songs, which may just make the film that much stronger and give it more emotional impact.

One song will be the titular “Big Eyes,” and will appear mid-film, while the other is titled “I Can Fly,” which will play as the end credits roll. Both songs are presumably relevant to the real-life female heroine’s struggles in the film but thus far, Del Rey’s keeping it extremely private. Rumors have it that co-writer Larry Karaszewski and Del Rey have been in talks regarding the film’s thematic material, stemming from the main character Margaret Keane’s internalized and complicated struggles as a painter, wife, mother, and artist. 

Unlike Tim Burton’s previous works, Big Eyes seems to focus primarily on a female protagonist—an exciting feat for one of my favorite directors to tackle. Amy Adams is already rumored for an Oscar nomination, and judging from the film’s trailer there’s major drama. Lana Del Rey’s music seems extremely suitable for the film’s subject material, as she manages to convey strong themes of desire, fear, melancholy, and love. Christoph Waltz is to play the controlling, ego-maniacal husband coveting what is Margaret’s own. 

If Lana Del Rey manages to get that Oscar nomination, she may just be up against Coldplay for Unbroken and Common for Selma. We do know that when those Lana tracks begin to play our hearts will swoon and our eyes will rejoice. Lana Del Rey’s music has featured cinematic instrumentals and achingly beautiful lyrics, inspired by old Hollywood, personal life, and dreams. Big Eyes already holds promise and we’re looking forward to seeing it this holiday season. Stay tuned.

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