Joe Jonas Teams with Pepsi to Live for Now

Joe Jonas—middle Jonas Brother, Disney dreamboat, and solo artist in his own right—has teamed up with Pepsi as part of the brand’s first global marketing campaign called “Live for Now.” Joe joins other pop stars like Nicki Minaj, who are lending their celebrity to spread inspire others to celebrate their pop culture interests and share the things that inspire them online through a new interactive called Pepsi Pulse that lives on the brand’s website. We caught up with Joe to talk about the campaign and what inspires him to live for now. 

Let’s talk about the campaign and how you got involved. What inspired you to participate in it?
Pepsi and I have a very similar mind-frame right now—it’s living in the moment. That’s something I’ve always been really proud of, and my brothers and I pride ourselves on doing just that. This campaign’s really cool. To be able to keep up with pop culture through this platform and be able to have this amazing website where people can go it and find out awesome things that are going on, such as a new Nicki Minaj track or the return of CBGB’s… There’s all this amazing stuff that is really cool. Obviously there are many platforms like that, but this is different because you can see a lot of visuals and videos. I think it’s fantastic that you get the chance to see that other people who aren’t celebrities or musicians that are living in the moment or living for now. I think it’s really great.

So the idea of sharing musical influences is something that’s important to you? Is that how you’ve found out about music, through other people?
Yeah, I think it’s from a bunch of different things. I think social media is so incredible these days. I find out about new artists through friends, Twitter, fans, or just browsing or Pandora or Spotify. There are so many different places you can go and platforms that you can use, and it’s really exciting. I’m always up for it.

Can you name some people you’ve found recently that you really like?
Sure! Norah Jones’s new album is so great; I think she’s amazing. I think Frank Ocean is really fantastic. I love finding a new DJ, because it seems DJs are the new rock stars these days. Awolnation is pretty cool; they’re like a rock, dance band. They’re different, but it’s pretty great.

Do you go see a lot of concerts when you’re not performing yourself?
Absolutely. I feel like performing live is very vital for musicians, and then to see DJs do it live is always interesting. I went to Coachella this year like everybody else, but it’s always really fun and you’re able to check out new artists and, you know, kind of take it all in and understand even more what they’re all up to.

Do you take things that other people do on stage and incorporate it into your own act?
I get inspired and want to jump onstage right away. I feel like Gotye did a really good job live at Coachella. I saw Bruno Mars perform at the Met Ball this week, and the way he moves a crowd is so great. He just dances and has a good time and moves. It’s like a completely different event every time.

Let’s talk about the global nature of this Pepsi campaign. Do you think of pop culture as an important element globally? Seeing that people all across the world like the same music or movies?
It’s really cool to see the same interests in other artists and what they listen to every day, or to or even find out about things that are going on within the world of pop culture. I was looking at the site today and I had no idea some of the stuff I was reading, like, Wow, I didn’t know that this person was in this movie, or there’s already going to be a second Avengers. It’s so hard to just keep up to date and I’m always trying to do that. It’s nice to have a platform like that where it’s easier to find things because of what people are sharing. I like Twitter and I look at trending topics, but sometimes it’s just a bunch of jokes that people are making.

It’s mostly memes.
Yeah, like, put this word in front of a movie title. That’s not what I want to be educated with. So it’s nice to get everything delivered to you at once.

What kind of things have you shared with other people in the same context?
I think probably lately, it’s always music. I just saw the The Avengers movie and that thought it was fantastic, so I’ve been tweeting about that a lot. Anytime I find a new artist or something I really like I want to share it with my fans, so it’s really exciting to have that platform to share it with my audience.

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