Goodnight, Everybody! PBS Releases Own Mr. Rogers AutoTune Video

Meme-tacular AutoTuned viral videos (and "please make this go viral" videos) are nothing new. But when PBS goes out of the way to make a viral video starring an AutoTuned version of the late Fred Rogers, host of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, it’s worth paying attention. Bringing everyone into the weekend is what happens when T-Pain enters the Land of Make-Believe, and it is great. 

The dialogue and B-roll chosen of Mr. Rogers work perfectly in tandem with the vocoder’d track, from "Did you ever see a cat’s eyes in the dark/and wonder what they were?" to "You can grow ideas / in the garden of your mind," and ultimately, this doesn’t sound too unlike a lost track from a lost, buried-on-an-island R&B album. Mr. Rogers’ words are always relevant, especially with a lush piano backing track.

Watch and listen: 

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