Gaspar Noé’s Animal Collective Video Predictably Trippy

One day, the culture-bloggin’ world will use more effective modifiers for both Animal Collective and Gaspar Noé than "trippy," and yet, here we are. The Argentine filmmaker and big Kubrick fan, who previously blew minds/melted faces/what have you with the neon-lit thriller Enter the Void and gut-wrenching Irréversible, helmed the latest video from Animal Collective’s very-good 2012 release, Centipede Hz. In the video for the spiraling, spacious "Applesauce," a pixelated woman slowly eats fruit against a stuttering, flickering bright colored background, like a screensaver on the fritz. 

Watching it in the dark intensifies the colors, the sensory overload and the unwitting feeling of dread, almost like being at a popular dance club on the wrong night and everyone around you is just a little too sweaty and it’s all a bit too claustrophobic. Try for yourself below, and be wary of potential seizure risk caused by the images. 

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