From Dennis Hopper to Jim Jarmusch: Your NYC Cultural Itinerary for the Week

Sunday may be a "wan, stuff shadow of a robust Saturday" or a day of "forced leisure for folks who have no aptitude for leisure," according to Tom Robbins, but Mondays will always take the cake for the most dismal day of the week. And as we all crawl into the work week, let’s at least take comfort in knowing once the end of the day rolls around, there are plenty of fantastic things to do this week in New York to satisfy any interest. From staring wistfully at a collection of melancholic and beautiful photographs by Dennis Hopper to bathing in the sounds of Jim Jarmusch to showing off your Twin Peaks knowledge, this week is packed with pleasures to take part in before Friday even rolls around. Peruse our list and ease into your week a little bit easier with the promise of fun.


Brian Eno: An Illustrated Talk at The Great Hall at Cooper Union, May 6th


An evening with Saul Levine at MoMA, May 6th

Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album at Gagosian Gallery, May 7th-June 22nd


Jozef Van Wissem & Jim Jarmusch at Mercury Lounge, May 7th


The Happiness of the Katakuris & Post-film Discussion From Mark Morris at IFC, May 7th


Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet at the Joyce Theater, May 7-12th


Twin Peaks Bingo at Videology, May 8th


Leave Her to Heaven & Post-film discussion with Neil LaBute at IFC, May 8th


Scenes of the South at the Howard Greenberg Gallery, May 9th-June 1st

L’elicsse at BAM, May 10th

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