Fake It To Bake It: What Men Are Faking On V-Day

Oh yeah? You thought only women faked it? Well when it comes to doing the deed in the kitchen, men have got their act perfectly rehearsed. This Valentine’s Day, guys are ordering their romantic “home-cooked” dinners for their dates from homey Italian spot Casa Nonna. For $500, the Hell’s Kitchen restaurant is offering an “Ultimate Guide to ‘Faking’ It” dinner kit, complete with a four-course meal, sommelier-chosen bottle of wine, candles and placemats, and a pre-dirtied – yes, already dirty ­– apron and cookware. Does it come with brow sweat and chopped onion-induced tears, too?

Here’s the restaurant’s reasoning:

 “Rather than a dinner and a movie or a phone call, dating has resolved to a text, a drink after 10pm, or a “group date” with buddies. Casa Nonna wants to help bring romance back for those culinary challenged through their Ultimate Guide to “Faking It” deluxe dinner kit for two.”

What happens when the date finds the Nonna receipt and tupperware labeled “Faking It” stuffed under the bed? What will she think of her guy standing there against the oven in his apron that’s been pre-smudged in a kitchen far, far away? If relationships are about reciprocating, than I can guess what she’ll be doing later…

Find all the info about Casa’s Faking It dinner here, and follow Bonnie on Twitter.

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