Coalfire – Chicago Stylish Pizza


1321 W Grand Ave
Chicago IL 60642
(312) 226-2625

It’s been months since you’ve hung with your favorite friends. They’re married, you’re married, and you’ve all got kids and a million things going on. But everything’s finally lined up so you can all enjoy a fun couples night out. Everyone’s in a laid back mood, so the casual, neighborhood-friendly setting of Coalfire is perfect. What’s not to love? Whether your party is six or eight people, you’re certain to find common ground over the coal-oven Neapolitan pizzas. Take advantage of your numbers and order a few pies. For a timeless classic, you can’t beat the margherita, or the rich white pizza topped with mozzarella, ricotta, and Romano cheeses. Because this is Coalfire—famous for its cracker-thin crusts and fresh ingredients—you’ll want to get at least one unconventional pie built from everyone’s input. Go a little crazy and pick ingredients not typically found on pizza menus (think capicola, egg, Kalamata olives, hot Calabrese salami). Drink selections are every bit as thoughtful as the toppings. An Italian bottle of wine, Montipulciano or Chianti say, goes down smooth and at a price that doesn’t sting. Or opt for a brew from the long craft beer list, which runs from Mad Hatter I.P.A. to Delirium Tremens. By night’s end, you’ll be planning your next group outing—and making sure that this much time never passes again between meet-ups.

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