BlackBook Exclusive: Hear White Dove’s Tender New Track ‘Sister’

With a sound more akin to associations of elusive and delicate creatures of flight rather than haunting demons, LA-based lo-fi wonders previously known as Monster, have reemerged as the ethereal White Dove. And with their new subtly potent and emotional new album The Hoss, The Candle, we hear the gorgeous combination of front woman Alex Johnstone’s poetic lyrics, cooly spry slide guitar, and haunting vocals—an amalgam both melancholy and genuinely pleasurable and immersive.

There’s a rawness to White Dove’s soft-rock meets pop sound that harkens back to a prior time, not so far in the past to anachronistic, but just enough to hint at the old-souls behind the elusively cool California treasure.   As the perfect sonic accompaniment for an blithe summer’s day spent wandering in the sun or a cool night hidden under the stars rolling in the grass, the new album drops July 16th, but today, we’re pleased to premiere their latest track, "Sister." 

Rife with Johnstone’s stunning vocals, "Sister" croons over myriad instruments that bring the emotive and quivering track to life with a sweeping sense of beauty. In an alternate universe somewhere, "Sister" is set on loop as the denouement of an imaginary and emotionally revelatory late 90s, early 2000s Paul Thomas Anderson film plays, filled with emotion and sentiment drifting in and out of grand cosmic realization. 

Take a listen below and head over to White Dove’s site for more.

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