AMC Theatres Ban Costumes After ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Massacre

AMC Theatres has banned costumes and fake weapons from its theaters following Friday’s massacre at a screening of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado, which left 12 dead and at least 59 injured. 

According to Deadline Hollywood, AMC has reserved the right to forbid patrons to enter theaters in "costumes that make guests feel uncomfortable and we will not permit face-covering masks or fake weapons inside our buildings." The company has also promised to exchange or refund any tickets to the film.

Additionally, police and security staff will likely be bulked up at screenings around the country. In New York City, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said the NYPD will assist at movietheaters "as a precaution against copycats." In Washington, D.C., moviegoers reported to Deadline Hollywood that their bags were searched prior to seeing the film.

The gunman was identified as 24-year-old James Eagan Holmes, a Ph.D student. At a midnight showing, Holmes allegedly donned a gas mask, threw smoke bombs around the theater and then opened fire on patrons. He had also reportedly painted his hair red like The Joker.

Warner Brothers, the studio behind The Dark Knight Rises, canceled its Paris movie premiere out of respect for the victims. 

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