You Should Probably Sign This Petition to Keep ‘The Hour’ Alive

Earlier this week, we reported that one of the most intelligent and compelling television dramas in recent memory was getting the axe before its intended third season. BBC’s 1950s-set The Hour has proven—in its mere 12 episodes—that not only can it contend with anything on AMC or HBO, etc., but it can easily surpass. Written by the brilliant Abi Morgan, there’s never a dull moment with The Hour, always packed with a smart mix of pleasure and intrigue— I mean, even visually the show gets more stunning as it goes along.

Cutting The Hour before its third season makes you question what the BBC could really have been thinking? Why make such an alienating decision on a show that’s not only domestically but internationally loved! It’s almost as if they have never seen the thousands of fan-made videos of Freddie and Bel. But seriously, why? And on top of every other reason why it’s so wonderful and rare, it has some of best female characters in television or film nowadays. They aren’t always perfect but they’re intelligent and strong, always staying true to who they are and not allowing anyone to mold them. 

With some beloved shows like 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, etc you can understand why they should end—they’ve had their time, they’ve run their course. You can’t keep something alive just because you love it if the material is not there. Once a show’s well has run dry, it’s time to close up shop and that’s fine. But The Hour hasn’t run dry and with the way the last series ended, there’s still so much territory left to explore. 

But anyways, now you can put your hand in trying to save The Hour. With over 7,000 fans signing thus far, a petition has been issued to the BBC to commission a third series. Here it is:


You can read more and sign HERE. I know, it’s just television—it’s only entertainment, right? But when so much utter crap is being shown left and right, you tend to treasure the good bits. And this is a whole lot of good.

Addendum: How can you cut a show just when a painfully neurotic and wonderful Peter Capaldi joins the cast?! Blasphemy.

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