Would You Watch a Reality Show About Sarah Palin’s Husband?

No one would, it seems. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the former Alaskan governor has been trying to pitch a new reality show about her husband Todd’s career as a snowmobile racer without much luck. THR reports she was asking in the realm of Sarah Palin’s Alaska‘s $1 million-per-episode fee–just way too much to pay for a sport no one cares about. The Palins tried to get interest from TLC and A&E, but the networks made a stink face at the price and moved on. 

Palin’s star isn’t quite as bright as it was last year, when Palin’s Alaska hit record ratings with all its outdoor luster and carefully planned Alaska-as-America-as-life-as-Obama-is-a-socialist analogies. Since then, she’s been embroiled in controversy after controversy, her most notable public moment being the announcement that she wouldn’t run for president to the chagrin of many Republican operatives. With how fractured the GOP race looks right now, Palin could’ve absolutely sort-of run a campaign until at least January and raked in a bunch more cash. But there are more important fish to fry, like Tweeting about how Michelle Obama’s haircut is ruining Christmas.

In case you forgot, watch the intro credits for Sarah Palin’s Alaska, which are definitely real and not a Tim and Eric skit.

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