Where There’s Football, There’s The Return of ‘The League’

You may still be devising ways to corrupt Tim Tebow in his inaugural season with the Jets, people of New York, and FX’s semi-improvised bro-tacular comedy The League and its cast of funny people (Mark Duplass! Katie Aselton! Nick Kroll!) is coming back to give you some ideas. The first teasers for the show’s fourth season, following a rather dramatic ending last year involving Ruxin (Kroll) escaping the hospital post-stroke and Taco (Jon Lajoie) trying to hold a Viking funeral for the league, dropped this week. Terrell Suggs of the Baltimore Ravens guest stars in the promo spots, which all spoof Brett Favre’s Wrangler “Comfortable” ads. 

Ken Marino of Party Down fame will also appear as a guest star this season, and sparked some speculation on the Internet Wednesday morning after a series of tweets about his being arrested for punching cast regular Nick Kroll in the face, bloody-knuckled Twitpic and all. Based on the show’s goofy tweets in response and the fact that Marino was allegedly posting from a cop car, this was probably all a pretty elaborate publicity stunt.

The League returns to FX on October 11, just in time for everyone to have lost interest in their actual fantasy football teams. Also, this is the year Jenny MacArthur wins the Shiva. I can feel it in my bones.

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