What You Need For the Perfect ‘Arrested Development’ Watch Party

The weekend is finally almost here. Arrested Development is returning to the small screens, with the entire season to be released at once, a setup that begs for Monday-off binge watching and probably some server crashes. Seeing as many of you won’t have to work the next day, it’s the perfect excuse to have a party. A little grilling, some beer and some watching the most hyped non-sports-related television event in years. Here are some suggestions for your perfect Bluth family shindig.

Frozen bananas. A real-life banana stand toured the world over the past several weeks, hitting New York, Los Angeles, London and Seamless, but you know they’re never quite as good as homemade. Melt some chocolate, dip some bananas in it, roll ‘em in nuts if you feel so inclined, put ‘em in the freezer and BAM! everyone will love you. Or get the storebought. Whichever.

Libations. Cloudmir Vodka may not actually exist, but vodka cocktails seem like the perfect accompaniment to an Arrested Development marathon. At least, Lucille would approve. Maybe some wine as well. For the Buster in your group, be sure to have some nice, big juice boxes on hand.

Good company. People who won’t talk, make out our Tweet during the entire thing. Especially that last one. You can’t expect the Internet to not give you spoilers, but that doesn’t mean you get to ruin it for people who have to work over the weekend, or whatever. Just be considerate and be kind.

The perfect soundtrack. This must include gratuitous ukulele as a tribute to the show’s unmistakable theme song, a little Vince Guaraldi from the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack, several instances of Europe’s “The Final Countdown,” and, of course, who could forget in-universe classics like “Big Yellow Joint” and “It Ain’t Easy Being White.”

Breaks for important things like sleep and sunlight. It is a three-day weekend, and even if you don’t have to work, it might still be nice out where you are and you should really also seriously remember to take care of yourself. Go for a walk between episodes or find a park and get some fresh air. Hell, if you’re not one for exercise, just go find a patio or a porch on which to have a drink. Arrested Development will still be there when you come back. Really. It’s okay to go outside.

Activities. Most notably, a chicken dance contest. Protips can be found below. 

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