Well This Phil Spector Movie Looks Perfectly Awful

Notwithstanding Al Pacino’s clearly spot-on portrayal of the mad music legend, HBO’s Phil Spector biopic is shaping up to be a goddamn glorious trainwreck. I don’t know how deep you’ve gone into David Mamet’s back catalogue but there are some really bizarre low cards in that deck—I’d go so far as to say House of Games almost ruined the great Joe Mantenga for me. So tread lightly, Helen Mirren fans.

The film seems to focus mainly on the objectively insane Spector’s various hairstyles—a sequence of wigs on Pacino that defies every computer-generated cinematic image with its rejection of verisimilitude. In these wigs, Pacino delivers unctuous lines like “First time you got felt up, guess what? You were listening to one of my songs,” but as though he were still performing in Heat.

But yes! Guns and Jeffery Tambor and wait a minute, is there even going to be a Phil Spector song in this Phil Spector movie? Ah, there it is—sweet pop music. As the soundtrack to mouth-foaming rants from Pacino, in a wig. Entertainment doesn’t get much more entertaining.

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