Watch the Trailer for ‘Loiter Squad,’ Odd Future’s Adult Swim Show

Because I am nothing but a slave to the hype machine, here is the trailer for the Odd Future-affiliated Adult Swim sketch show, Loiter Squad. Set to premiere on March 25, it looks to be a delightful/annoying absurdist comedy romp, with the members of Odd Future dressing up like E.T., doing snow angels on open-faced jelly sandwiches and covering themselves in nacho cheese, among other hijinks. (There appears to be a sketch in which a date goes wrong after the male transforms under influence of the moon to become Xzibit, everyone’s favorite punchline rapper. Were-Xzibit!!) 

The show will presumably make use of the collective’s greater roster, but for now it looks like members Taco, Jasper, Lionel, and of course, Tyler, will feature prominently. The March 25 premiere date ties in nicely with the group’s upcoming OF Tape Vol. 2, which is still set for release on March 20. If you want more, you can download a free Hodgy Beats EP; if you want less, well, that’s on you.

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