Watch ‘The Lion King’ Cut Into a 5 Minute Version of ‘The Wire’

At the University of Chicago, they have this legendary annual scavenger hunt. Past scav hunt items have included a plasma ball made out of a Mason jar and “a unicorn in a bicorn. A bicorn in a tricorn.” You get the idea. The University of Chicago is full of scary geniuses. (I once heard a rumor that teams had to bring back a live elephant.) This year, one of the things the teams had to do was edit The Lion King down to a sub-five minute synopsis of all five seasons of The Wire. The winning team produced a video that’s kind of brilliant. Watch it after the jump.

Highlights include: “McNulty, you fucked up. You have to ride the boat,” said in voiceover as Zazu rides a log down the river; the creepy place where the hyenas hang out is Hamsterdam. I mean, the editing is sketchy and not all of it makes sense, but the fact that it works at all boggles the mind.

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