Watch a ‘Six Feet Under’ Style Goodbye to ‘The Office’

As all good things must come to their rightful end, tonight marks the very last episode of treasured television series, The Office. After nine wonderful years on the air and many a cast member iteration, the beloved show will now leave us to join the ranks of 30 Rock in NBC afterlife. And although i will miss my Dwight and Pam and Jim and the rest of Dunder Mufflin dearly, after almost a decade strong, there’s only so many stories to tell in a Scanton, PA paper company—better to cut things short before our love starts to wane.

And today, the good folks over at Vulture have made their own tribute to The Office with an homage to the fatally brilliant series finale of HBO’s once beloved Six Feet Under. It was emotionally killer ending and wrapped up the series in the most perfect way. So now, you can get a taste of the Office clans’ own timely endings.
Watch for yourself below.

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