The Walking Dead Recap: Of Manhood & Chocolate Pudding

So, where were we before we were so rudely interrupted by the holidays? Oh, that’s right. Everything’s awful.

After a half-season that’s seen more stability and cheer than perhaps any other time in The Walking Dead — and, yes, that is not saying much at all — we were treated to a literal bloody mess of a midseason finale. It was bad. Not Red Wedding bad. But, bad.

Again, the Governor decapitated Hershel (with Michonne’s sword), beat Rick within an inch of his life, and was eventually killed by both Michonne and his newish girlfriend. Also, Tyreese has run off with the three little tweens who should have been protecting Judith but were too busy being brave (that is, shooting Tara’s girlfriend in the face), Glen is wounded and abandoned, Maggie is on a bus with a bunch of senior citizens, Daryl and Beth have retreated to the woods, Judith’s missing, Carol’s still exiled to suburbia, and Bob is probably really desperate for a drink. Rough stuff.

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