Victoria Beckham Follows Lady Gaga to ‘Gossip Girl’

Maybe it’s Chuck Bass’ tortured histrionics (who could resist that pronounced pout!) or the chance to admonish Jenny Humphrey for her sartorial sins (such sloppy bangs!) More likely, it’s The Hilary Duff Effect. That is, the trotting out of marquee-caliber guest stars the show has drawn (including Tyra Banks and Lady Gaga). But the social-climbery soap has ensnared a superstar, a feat her her former bandmates couldn’t: Victoria Beckham.

Apart from being a noted couturiere, Beckham is also a highly-regarded forward-thinking pop singer who some would argue is comparable to Maya Arulpragasam or Dionne Warwick. (They would obviously be wrong, though.) Most importantly, however, the mogulette is well-known for her thespianic dabbles, having clocked time as an Ugly Betty ratings stunt. This makes her turn on the gilded Gossip Girl stage all the more well-considered.

Among parts mulled for Beckham’s GG foray: Chuck Bass’ long-lost mother or his cougarlicious girlfriend. And if writers were to conflate the roles into one porterhouse steak of a plot twist, we’d have a meaty modern-day Oedipus Rex to sink our fangs into. But sadly, VB is no Jocasta and Chuckie B.’s eyes are too smoldering to be gouged out. So a self-aware celebrity cameo á la Gaga is most likely for Posh. A bit like Lisa Loeb from season one. Which shouldn’t (and likely won’t) make us sigh despondently as descriptors as “like Lisa Loeb from season one” typically tend to.

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