Vice President Joe Biden, Meet Future President Leslie Knope

Now that the election’s over and his position as Vice President is secure for the next four years, Joe Biden can go back to doing all the important stuff, like presiding over the Senate and hanging out with future president Leslie Knope. 

With the "Mr. Wyatt Goes to Washington" story arc on NBC’s Parks & Recreation this season, Pawnee City Councilwoman Leslie Knope has already rubbed elbows with a number of high-profile political guest stars, including Senators Olympia Snowe and Barbara Boxer and, in an awkward, weepy scene in a coatroom, Senator and former presidential candidate John McCain. On a trip to D.C., Leslie and Ben visit the White House (or as Leslie calls it "our future home"), where Ben gives her the only engagement gift that, for his new fiancée, would be better than a waffle tower — a meeting with the Veep, the only entry on Leslie’s "celebrity sex list." The look on Poehler’s face when she sees him is priceless. Can’t wait for the encounter to air on the November 15th episode. 

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