Two Versions of ‘Alice in Wonderland: The Show’ Possibly Headed to TV

I’m not sure when all this magic and mayhem and alternate worlds stuff picked up, but judging from the two fairy tale-inspired series currently on the air (Grimm and Once Upon a Time), it seems like people can’t get enough of adults in fairy costumes giving a new spin on an old genre. So it shouldn’t really surprise me that not one but two new TV series based on Alice in Wonderland may be headed our way this fall. 

NBC has greenlit the pilot for one of the shows, created by Whit Anderson:

Titled Wonderland, the show is a follow-up to Lewis Carroll’s classic novel that will focus on a new character, Clara. Here’s the official logline: “Seven years ago Clara’s life took an unexplained turn for the worse, but a mysterious stranger tells her there may be an explanation after all … an explanation that lies in the fantastical world of Wonderland. Determined to revive her dreams and get her life back on track, Clara agrees to wage war against the reigning but malevolent Queen, the woman we once knew as Alice.”

Meanwhile, The CW are setting their eyes on Wunderland, set in modern-day Los Angeles, although I’m betting that the news from NBC might force a name-change on that idea. 

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