Tina Fey: ’30 Rock’ Ending Unclear, Live Show Will Be ‘Different’

While the fate of 30 Rock is still unclear and no less than Alec Baldwin, the furry-chested glue that holds the show together, recently tweeted that he was “leaving NBC just in time,” and following up with "OK…scratch the $20 retirement idea. Just watch 30 Rock LIVE this Thursday. On NBC." Done and done.

This Thursday’s episode of 30 Rock will be the program’s second annual live episode, filmed in the actual building at 30 Rockefeller Plaza—not in the studio in Queens that the show normally calls home. And while it’s not necessarily an indicator that there’s a future for the comedy about an NBC variety show, according to an interview creator and star Tina Fey gave to ArtsBeat, 30 Rock shouldn’t be counted out just yet.

“We work for NBC, so we’ll see what they say,” Fey said about the possibility of another season. “The one thing I’ve always wanted from the beginning, that hopefully will come true, is that whenever we do end, I would like to know in advance. So we can write the end. Because it’s such a writers’ show. And whenever it does happen, that NBC does understand that.”

But as far as this particular episode goes, Fey can make some promises. She says that the episode, which follows what happens when NBC’s fictional new owner tries to turn TGS, 30 Rock’s show within a show, from a live spectacle into a canned, audience-free show, will feature “friends of the show and friends of comedy in general.”

And while live performances can come with flubbed lines and wardrobe malfunctions, Fey hopes that fans will be understanding.

“It’s going to be different, it’s going to look different,” she said. “And then some people were like, ‘No, it’s different!’ So this, hopefully, has permission to be different because it’s a different structure.”

At least one fan wondered aloud on Twitter what happens when you forget your lines. "You look like an ass," Baldwin answered via retweet

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