Tim Gunn Rules Out Lady Gaga ‘Project Runway’ Appearance

Since landmark fashion competition Project Runway relocated from Bravo to Lifetime, the tone of the show has decidedly shifted. Only a handful of viewers remained able to stomach watching their favorite show change out of skinny jeans into flared Gloria Vanderbilts for its sixth season. Guest judges like Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie didn’t help make the move any easier. Still, Tim Gunn’s optimism about the competition’s future is catching, even if he flatly rejects a Lady Gaga cameo.

(‘DiggThis’)About the tone shift, Gunn says, “When people cite the L.A. season as being not among their favorites, I think what they’re really saying is they miss Nina and Michael. Nina and Michael are with us throughout season 7.”

On the topic of a Gaga-assisted Runway resuscitation, Gunn tells MTV, “You know I have a great respect for Lady Gaga, I do, and I love her work. I don’t think of what she wears as being fashion.” He elaborates, “I think of it more as being fashion and wearable art. Those aren’t real clothes and if you saw them on anyone other than Lady Gaga you’d say, ‘This is ridiculous!'” Not true, Tim Gunn!

Clearly Gunn’s former home, Bravo, disagrees with that opinion too as they recently tapped Gaga for an episode of

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